April 5, 2023

Sustainability with an Ice Vending Machine

Ice vending machines are becoming increasingly popular as people look for convenient and affordable ways to purchase ice. The ice vending market is the fastest-growing segment selling more than 1.25 billion pounds of ice directly to customers each year.

Sustainability has become an increasingly important factor in business operations, and the ice vending industry is no exception. As an ice vending business owner, including sustainable practices in your business, can not only help to reduce your environmental impact but can also improve your reputation among customers. 

In recent studies, 85% of consumers have become ‘greener’ in their purchasing in recent years. It’s important to take sustainability into account when running an ice vending operation.

Here are ways your ice vending business can integrate sustainable practices to minimize your business’s carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

One way to incorporate sustainability into an ice vending business is by using energy-efficient machines.

Owning an ice vending machine that conserves energy can provide many benefits for you and the environment. Energy-efficient machines use less electricity to produce and store ice, reducing the carbon footprint of the machine. Additionally, these machines can lower your operating costs by reducing your energy bills.

In addition, owning vending machines that are powered with energy-saving advanced technologies can help you save more than 40% of the energy consumed while producing and dispensing ice. This can be achieved by using advanced technology, such as insulation, automatic shut-off features, and other systems that recycle energy. 

Water Conservation

Water is an essential resource in the ice vending business, and it’s important to conserve it. It is a required component in cooling during the ice-making process. However, it can generate up to 2 or 3 times more water than needed to make the ice that we consume. Essentially, this process can waste a concerning amount of water, but there are ways you can reduce water usage and wastage.

An eco-friendly ice vending machine can help save water. It does this by using an ice-making process that recycles water. This can be achieved by using a closed-loop system that recycles water, reducing the amount of water used and wasted. As the machine recycles the water, you are improving water conservation and money.


Ice vending businesses can promote sustainability by committing to recycling. They can do this by using recyclable materials for packaging the ice. At convenience stores, you can sell recycling thermo-bags and iceboxes to support plastic removal. 

Owners can also provide recycling bins for customers to dispose of their waste. By encouraging recycling, ice vending businesses can reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Sustainable Resourcing

Using sustainable materials in your ice vending business can help to reduce waste and its impact on the environment. For example, using biodegradable packaging for the ice can help to reduce the amount of waste generated by your business. 

Using sustainable materials, such as recycled plastic or other eco-friendly materials, can help to reduce your environmental impact.

Additionally, ice vending machines that operate with a bulk dispensing feature can also encourage the elimination of trash and plastic.

Sustainable Transportation

Additionally, strategically locating your ice vending machines can help to reduce transportation emissions. Placing machines in areas where they are easily accessible, such as near parks, beaches, or other high-traffic areas, can reduce the number of people driving to purchase ice.

Ice vending machines are also great sustainable alternatives to manufactured ice bags because of the increased amount of carbon emissions caused by delivery trucks.

Promoting Sustainability

Promoting sustainable practices in your business can help to raise awareness among your customers. Encourage customers to use reusable containers when buying ice. Provide recycling bins for disposal. This will help reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Furthermore, it can also improve your brand image and expand your customer loyalty reach by advocating on the environmental issues that customers care about.

To summarize, sustainable practices in your ice vending business can be beneficial. It can reduce your environmental impact, lower operating costs and improve your reputation with customers. 

At Everest Ice and Water Systems, we proudly manufacture eco-friendly ice vending machines. By using the Everest VX machines, you reduce the carbon footprint of the current central ice factory model by at least 85%! Our bulk dispensing feature also encourages customers to conveniently use their coolers and water jugs, saving plastic and the environment.

You can contribute to a more sustainable future by taking some simple steps. These include using water-conserving and energy-efficient machines, using sustainable materials, strategically locating your machines, and promoting sustainable practices. By taking these steps, you can show your customers that you care about the environment and the future of our planet.

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