April 7, 2023

3 Reasons To Buy an Ice Vending Machine for Your Marina

3 Reasons To Buy an Ice Vending Machine for Your Marina

The thing that makes ice vending machines so popular as business investments is the fact that you can place them just about anywhere and be able to turn a profit. While most locations for these machines seem obvious, a very lucrative option many people overlook is a marina. If you aren’t sure your marina is a good spot for this machine, this list of reasons to buy an ice vending machine for your marina might convince you.

Necessary for Most Fishers

One of the main reasons why people own a boat is so that they can get out in the open water and catch some fish. While some prefer catch-and-release, others like to keep their catches, intending to bring them home and cook them. However, depending on when they caught the fish during their trip, their catches might not be any good by the time they make it home.

That’s why many people who fish like this bring a cooler full of ice to store them in. While they can bring their own ice from home, it would be much more convenient to get it at the marina if possible. That means if you were to buy an ice vending machine, you’d definitely have a built-in customer base right away.

Useful for Boat Trips

Of course, anglers aren’t the only ones who’d benefit from a machine like this. Anyone who likes to take their boat out for a day on the open waters will likely bring some food and drinks with them. Once again, a cooler full of ice will help keep these items cold.

Even though the families who bring these items might already have their cooler packed with ice, forgetting to pack ice is a pretty common occurrence. Your ice vending machine could be quite the lifesaver for them!

Convenient for Nearby Restaurants

The last reason to buy an ice vending machine for a marina isn’t one of the more common ones, but it’s something worth noting, depending on the marina you own. In some locations, a restaurant might either be on or right next to a marina. After all, not everyone will bring food with them when going out on their boat for the day. Boaters will need to come to shore and likely want to eat at where ever is nearby.

That explains the reason for the restaurant, but how does the ice vending machine come into play? Well, it’s no secret that restaurants go through a lot of ice. That means they’ll need to get more quickly if they ever run out. The proximity of your ice vending machine will come in handy, saving them a long trip to the nearest convenience store if they don’t have an ice machine themselves.

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