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Introducing The Everest Summit
All-in-One Ice & Water Vending Machine

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Jam free vends and counting

Versavend drum holds 550 lbs of ready-to-go-ice
Standard feature
Introducing The Everest Summit with Versavend


Over 20,000,000 vends and counting…

Everest patented this system, VersaVend, in 2008. It is an ice storage and dispensing system that is exclusive to Everest Ice and Water Systems.

Most ice vending machines break down because of ice jams due to the multiple moving parts that they use to move ice within the machine. The Everest Summit Series has dispensed over 20 million vends WITHOUT A SINGLE JAM and counting, because it has only one moving part. This simple, revolutionary, patented system is exclusive to Everest. The Everest Summit is the only commercial ice vending machine for sale in the industry to have ONE moving part. ONE. Since there is only ONE moving part, there is a LOT less to fail.

Everest. Ice Vending that’s simple. Easy. Revolutionary.

Standard feature

Water Vending
Comes Standard

To buy an ice vending machine without water vending would be like throwing money away. Why filter water but not sell it? Water Vending allows you to have TWO revenue streams. And we include it for FREE! And we include it, on every Everest machine.

Standard feature

Bulk Or Bagged Ice

Ice dispensed directly into your customers cooler is what made ice vending popular. We wanted a machine that gives your customers what they want, a choice of either bagged ice or bulk ice dispensed directly into their cooler – and this choice comes standard, in each of our self-serve ice vending machines for sale.

Don’t buy an ice vending machine that is obsolete the day you buy it.

EVERY other Ice Vending machine manufacturer is using 20 year old technology to dispense the ice to your customer. Multiple moving parts, outdated technology and lack of innovation makes your machine obsolete the day you buy it! Don’t buy a machine from a company that refuses to innovate. This is a mistake! Offer cutting edge technology that improves your ownership experience, makes the product you sell safer, and saves you money. From proprietary ozone injection, energy recycling and patented simple dispensing systems, Everest is the only commercial ice vending machine for sale that’s light years ahead of everyone else.

What other companies charge you for,
Everest includes for free. On every machine.

Standard Feature
Five Stage Ultra
Standard feature

The Summit Series of machines do not use expensive and complicated Reverse Osmosis (R/O) that require holding tanks, robust drain systems, costly membrane filters, and waste water in order to make water. We use a Five Stage Filtration System from Everpure, one of the most recognized brands among food service operators. This is the same system that was developed for McDonald’sTM to ensure their soda and coffee taste consistently great all over the world, no matter the water chemistry.

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10 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
Removes suspended solids down to a quarter of the width of a human hair.
Scale Reduction Filter
Protects ice maker from hard water.

Two .5 Micron Solid Block Carbon Filters
Sub-micron filtration that removes chlorine, taste, odor, and chemicals. This polishes the water and improves taste.
UV Sterilization
This sterilizes water and ensures safe, clean drinking water.
Credit card reader on the Everest Summit
Standard feature

Credit Card Reader

Buying a machine without accepting credit cards will reduce your ice & water sales by up to 30%. Other manufacturers charge extra for this equipment. Everest includes it on every machine.*

*Cash and coin acceptance optional.

The Everest Summit's front panel has bright LED lighting
Standard feature

LED Lighting

Ice Vending makes you passive income 24 hours a day, so you want your machine to be visible at night. Don’t pay extra to get your machine noticed.

Ice Maker
Standard feature

Protected Ice Maker

At Everest, we protect your investment. We know that your ice maker is the most expensive component in your machine, so we protect it inside our locked, steel cabinet, where it can be protected from theft, vandalism and from the elements. Other companies leave it exposed on the roof, protected by a thin piece of canvas.

With a variety of features and upgrades designed to ensure your unit is always easy to service, Scotsman Prodigy Elite® technology helps operators save valuable time and resources. Scotsman designed Prodigy Elite® technology with the operator in mind. That’s why every easy-to-use feature we offer helps you get the most out of your unit. From convenient cleaning and a small operational footprint to enhanced energy efficiency, Prodigy Elite® is the smartest solution for today’s ice vending operators.

With its state-of-the-art ice maker technology, operators can connect to their ice makers through the ICELINQ app via Bluetooth, accessing real-time diagnostics and performance monitoring without even opening the machine. This innovative feature enhances efficiency and ease of ownership and allows operators to check for and address any ice maker issues promptly. 

Everest's Protected Ice Maker

Our machine is delivered in one piece, with the machine’s ice maker protected inside. When your ice maker is hidden under a canopy, that means it is unprotected and will be shipped separately. This is bad engineering and keeps your most valuable asset unprotected. In order to install your ice maker, this will have to happen at the location with a lift and other machines to the ice maker placed. With Everest, you do not have to worry about any of that as your machine comes protected and ready to start making you a profit.

Security And Durability

The Door and Shell

Most ice vending machines are made out of a softer, aluminum frame. The Everest machine was made to withstand not only the weather but also any attempt of theft or vandalism. The machine is built with a powder-coated and strengthened STEEL frame that cannot corrode. The result is the most secure machine on the market.


The Everest Summit Series features simple utility hook ups and single phase electric. They are built to have low ongoing utility costs, and as a result require low maintenance. They do not require custom concrete pads, crane rental or a general contractor on-site for installation as do most of our competition. Furthermore, they are stoutly built with top-shelf and industrial grade components, and the machine and components are NAMA, NSF, ETL and Energy Star listed. Since the Everest Summit Series has the smallest footprint of any machine in their class as well as simple install requirements, if you ever have want to move your machine, you can do so quickly and easily.

Get The Production You Need

Our machines are designed for easy installation. So easy, you’ll be selling ice the same day your machine is delivered. The Everest Summit Series has the largest capacity and the largest ice production in their class, providing superior, fresh, quality ice on demand. In fact, Everest machines can vend up to 100 bags of uniformly shaped ⅞ inch cubed ice daily. They also have the longest warranty, and the most standard features than any other ice vending machine in their class. We offer four different production levels to fit the exact needs of you and your customers. With daily ice production of up to almost a ton of ice a day, we have an Everest machine that will meet the demand of any location.

Quick Specs

Everest Summit Ice And Water Vending Machines

Width45 in.
Depth55 in.
Height93.5 in.
Weight~1600 lbs.
Electrical Requirements208-230 volt / 30 amp
Storage Capacity550 lbs. of ice
Water Volume Per Vend0.025 gal. – 5 gal. (Adjustable)
REQUIRED HOOKUP½ in. Water Line, ¾ in. Drainage

In 24 hours, each model produces:

Scotsman logo
Everest Summit

Up to 1,077 lbs of ice

Everest Summit Pro


Everest Summit Max

Up to 1,909 lbs of ice

Remote Monitoring

Everest’s new next-generation remote monitoring system, Basecamp, makes owning an Everest Ice and Water vending machine a breeze. Basecamp is a robust, intuitive, reliable, and most importantly user-friendly service that features a multitude of features to help you run your ice and water vending machine. The best part of Basecamp is that as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can check in on, and operate your machine(s) from anywhere in the world. Only Everest can you live the stress-free passive income lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

A Step Above The Competition

Everest Is Better. Why?

Everest machines are made with revolutionary, one moving part dispensing systems. We offer cutting edge technology that improves your ownership experience, makes the product you sell safer, and saves you money. From proprietary ozone injection, energy recycling and patented simple dispensing systems, Everest is light years ahead of everyone else.

Add-On Options

Looking For Even More From Your Machine?

Cold Fusion Energy Recovery Logo
Cold Fusion Energy Recovery Logo

Everest offers our very own proprietary, energy-recycling component Cold Fusion that supercharges your ice maker.

Ice Shield Ozone Disinfection Logo
Ice Shield Ozone Disinfection Logo

Everest’s proprietary Safe Ice system uses Ozone to disinfect the ENTIRE ice path, from the ice maker all the way into the bag or cooler killing virus, bacteria, mold and mildew.

All Season Insulation Package Logo
All Season Insulation Package Logo

With Everest, regardless of what climate your Ice Vending Machine is located, our equipment is made to provide ice in any season.

Custom Branding Logo
Custom Branding Logo

Everest is the only ice vending company in the industry that allows for complete customization for YOUR machine.

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