About Everest

We started this company with one major goal, to revolutionize the way that ice was delivered.

Ice has been delivered, bought, and sold. 

Ice manufacturing as sales has been the same for nearly two centuries. That process is as follows, cold ice is made or manufactured in a single location and then cut and distributed to remote locations. In the 1800s ice was cut from lakes and rivers and then put on horse and buggy to be delivered. Today, instead of lakes and rivers we have manufacturing plants. Instead of horse and buggy, we have refrigerated trucks. Both of these models have the same problems:

  1. It is labor-intensive and the profit margins are small
  2. The supply chain breaks down often and easily
  3. The ice that consumers buy is not fresh (could be weeks or months old)

Everest is changing all of that by allowing ice to be manufactured and sold in the same location allowing ice vending machine owners to significantly increase the profit potential of ice AND eliminate all supply chain issues. Everest also allows ice consumers to get fresh ice, not stale bagged ice that needs to be slammed on the ground to get ice cubes.

Join us in revolutionizing
the ice industry. 

Who We Are

The Everest team has been in the foodservice manufacturing industry for nearly twenty years. We understand that to grow in this industry we must focus primarily on your product innovation and reliability. That is exactly what we have done with the Everest Ice Vending line. We focused on and continue to focus on engineering and design to simplify the lives of our customers and the machine operators. 

Our primary focus is to support business owners in the ice industry by providing the best equipment in the industry. We have not designed a machine that monetizes our service and support. Our competitors make revenue centers out of supporting the machine. We do not believe in that.  Our goal is to help you become as successful as possible with your first machine so we can celebrate with you when you purchase your tenth, twentieth, and fiftieth machine.

Nama Certified

National Automatic Machine Association (NAMA) is a third party association offering certification to vending machine manufacturers whose machines meet the public health requirements set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Not all Ice and Water vending machines are NAMA-certified; Everest’s machines are.

Why is it important that Everest Ice and Water vending machines are NAMA-certified? It means that our machines are built with your customers health and safety in mind. Secondly, NAMA certification is third party certification that our machines are manufactured in a way that meets public health, safety and industry guidelines. Purchasing a NAMA-certified ice vending machine demonstrates that you as a vendor also value the health and safety of your customers.  For a more detailed description of the process required to be NAMA-certified, click here.