About Everest

We started this company with one major goal, to revolutionize the way that ice was delivered.

Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Headquartered in Apopka, FL., USA
  • 22,400 square feet of facilities 
  • 50+ employees
  • 1,200+ machines sold 
  • Machines sold in 45+ states and territories, 8+ countries

Company History

In 2008, three men on a mission in Africa noticed a lack of clean water and refrigeration in many rural parts of the region. With this important need to be filled, they decided to start a charitable program called Akoona, providing ice and water to those communities in need. 

They needed a machine that could provide ice and water, but one that could also be maintained easily “in the bush” – thus, the VersaVend barrel was born. The design was so efficient, it caught the attention of national parks in Africa looking to provide vended ice and water for visitors.

Operations eventually moved to Carnegie, Pennsylvania where the Akoona ice and water vending equipment was manufactured by Jennison Ice for resale through a distribution network under the Akoona name as well as other custom brands. In 2016, the go-to-market strategy for the company shifted to a direct-to-end-user model, and the company was reborn as Everest. 

What started as a small charitable endeavor is now a multimillion-dollar organization supplying ice and water vending machines on a global scale. We have seen many exciting changes throughout our growth, but the core values of our origins remain consistent in everything we do today. Just as the original company was founded to do, we still strive to provide clean water and fresh ice to communities all around the world.

From humble roots to one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in the country, Everest has seen exponential growth. In the past two years alone, demand for the Everest Summit has been explosive, ranking it the most popular ice and water vending machine on the market. To meet that demand, Everest has increased its workforce by 172% since the beginning of 2021 and expanded its facilities by 300%. 

Headquartered in Apopka, FL. since 2019, Everest continues to grow and disrupt the industry with innovative technology and eco-friendly alternatives designed to make life easier and business better. Improvement means being open to change, because success doesn’t come from stagnation. At Everest, we’re Always Climbing.


Our mission is to replace the ineffective ice delivery service with an eco-friendly alternative of ice made at the source using the most advanced proprietary components in the industry. Our dedicated and diverse workforce aims to provide the best equipment and service to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve financial independence.


History of Ice
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What Our Machine Owners Say

“The technology and the simplicity was what really got us to Everest, and the service since the very first phone call is honestly what led us to go ahead and say ‘We want to partner up, get some machines made, and continue to expand’ – and Everest has been right beside us the whole time.”
Steve, Beachside Ice LLC

“Everest was the top company, the top pick for me, just based on the size of the machine, the flexibility of the machine, and the comfort level I had with the company itself.”
Tom, Coastal Water and Ice

5 Peaks of Everest: Service
Helping Others


We go above and beyond to assist our machine owners and offer fair, dependable, and consistent service. We are passionate about our people as well as meeting (and exceeding) the needs of our customers.

5 Peaks of Everest: Mastery
Getting Better


No one ever starts at the top of the mountain. At Everest, we are committed to the climb. We are a motivated, creative team, thirsty for knowledge and improvement at every opportunity, and we take pride in what we do. From learning and mastery comes quality and innovation.

5 Peaks of Everest: Respect
Courtesy For All


Whether you’re a customer, an intern, or a CEO, your voice is valued. We work to establish a supportive environment in which every Everest employee can expect to provide and receive courtesy, dignity, and respect in every interaction. We are a diverse and inclusive workforce that celebrates individuality and authenticity regardless of age, race, creed, orientation, and identity.

5 Peaks of Everest: Teamwork
Working Together


Whether it’s our customers or our coworkers, we aim to create a collaborative culture in which we can build positive relationships as well as advocate for and empower one another.

5 Peaks of Everest: Achievement
Getting Things Done


Success is an uphill climb - and the only way up is forward. Accountability, open communication, and determination to overcome challenges are the key components to achieving our company goals effectively and efficiently. We are a performance-driven team dedicated to reliability.

NAMA Certified

National Automatic Machine Association (NAMA) is a third party association offering certification to vending machine manufacturers whose machines meet the public health requirements set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Not all Ice and Water vending machines are NAMA-certified; Everest’s machines are.

Why is it important that Everest Ice and Water vending machines are NAMA-certified? It means that our machines are built with your customers health and safety in mind. Secondly, NAMA certification is third party certification that our machines are manufactured in a way that meets public health, safety and industry guidelines. Purchasing a NAMA-certified ice vending machine demonstrates that you as a vendor also value the health and safety of your customers.  For a more detailed description of the process required to be NAMA-certified, click here.

CTEP Certified

DMS’ California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) evaluates a device according to California’s Laws and Regulations. The purpose of type evaluation is to certify that the design and performance of a new commercial weighing or measuring device model is suitable for its intended use, is accurate, operates correctly, has all required markings, and prevents the facilitation of fraud.

Not all Ice and Water vending machines are CTEP-certified; Everest’s machines are.

Why is it important that Everest Ice and Water vending machines are CTEP-certified? It means that our machines are built to be as accurate as possible, making sure your customers get exactly what they paid for.