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About Everest

Our Focus

Our primary focus is to support business owners in the ice industry by providing the best equipment in the industry. We have not designed a machine that monetizes our service and support and makes revenue centers out of them like our competitors. Our goal is to help you become as successful as possible with your first machine so we can celebrate with you when you purchase your tenth, twentieth, and fiftieth machine. Learn more about our custom solutions.

Made in the USA

Everest is proud to be a company that manufactures its products in the United States. We believe preserving the quality of our machines and cutting corners during the manufacturing and production process. 

Expertise in the Industry

The Everest team has been in the foodservice manufacturing  industry for nearly twenty years. We understand that to grow in this industry you must focus primarily on your products, and that is exactly what we have done with the Everest Ice Vending line.

The Everest VX Machines Are Changing the Ice Vending Industry

Through patented technology, the Everest VX machines far outperform their competitors. The small footprint, combined with a large production and capacity, puts the Everest VX machines at the top of their class. Learn more about what makes the Everest VX machines stand out by clicking the button below.

Everest Is Supported By Some Of The Best In The Industry

Without the support of some key partners and vendors, Everest would not be able to offer its superior service and products. Just as our customers rely on us to support the growth of their businesses, so do we, rely on the support of our partners.