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Learn everything that you need to know to be a rockstar Everest operator. Everest University takes you through the training you need to get you ready to make your ice vending business operate seamlessly.


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Need assistance or have a question regarding your Everest vending machine? We are here to help! Simply fill out this form and a support technician will get back to you.

Note: This form is for OWNERS ONLY. If you fill out this form looking for assistance in purchasing a machine, you will not be contacted.

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Remote management

Everest’s new next-generation remote monitoring system, Basecamp, makes owning an Everest Ice and Water vending machine a breeze. Basecamp is a robust, intuitive, reliable, and most importantly user-friendly service that features a multitude of features to help you run your ice and water vending machine. Need to vend a bag of ice or water? Basecamp can do it. Your machine at your fingertips.

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