How Much Money Could You Make With An Everest VX Ice and Water Vending Machine?

Calculate the potential profits you could earn with our Everest VX1 Model. Use our calculator below to see how long it would take to pay off your machine and how much you could earn monthly and annually, depending on your machine’s location and the pricing you set. Default costs and estimated revenue in the calculator are based on our base model without add-on options. With an Everest machine, you can be profitable day one.

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Defaults based on the usage for an Everest VX series unit based on the national average of 13.19 cents per KWH and 0.0015 per GAL of water.

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*ROI may vary slightly based on ice machine model/options purchased.
Estimates above are based on the base Everest VX machine.

Note: By using this calculator, you understand that Everest has created the calculator to help you understand the profit potential in an ice vending business. You further understand that Everest makes no promises to the profitability of your business. The overall performance, success, and profitability of the entire business will depend entirely on the owner’s efforts to find the right location for the machine, promote and advertise the machine’s offerings, and manage the ongoing operations of the machine.

Everest VX Machine

The Everest VX Series

Everest VX models are the only machines in the industry to have ONE moving part.