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Everest Explains – How Long Until You Make Serious Profits?

If you’re seriously considering an Ice and Water Vending business, you probably want to know how long you have to wait between placing your order and seeing some profit. Ice Vending isn’t like most business opportunities that you might be considering that can take months or even years to see any real profits.

Interested in learning how long until you start making money?

Everest – Our Machines are NAMA Certified

Not all Ice and Water vending machines are NAMA-certified; Everest’s machines are. Is the machine you’re considering safe for you and your customers? Has a third party told you this, or just the person trying to sell you a machine?

Here you will learn why NAMA Certification is important to you.

What Are Your Goals?

Everyone has goals they would like to achieve.  Reach your goal with Everest!

Are you looking for a passive income that will supplement your full-time job? Do you want to make enough passive income to quit your job? Do you just want to generate more income to spend more time with family, travel more or are you saving for retirement?

Everest can help you reach your goals. Let us show you how.

Why Ice Vending?

One of the reasons many people want to have their own business is to have more time to enjoy their lives — not to add more and more responsibilities to their lives. They want to run their business and then enjoy the fruits of their labors at the end of the day.  Few business opportunities actually let you do this – but Ice Vending does.

Everest Partners With Mercury Corp. On Ice Vending Machine

ORLANDO, FL — Everest Ice and Water Systems said it has partnered with Hammondsport, NY-based contract manufacturer Mercury Corp. to manufacture its ice and water vending machines.

Unique to Orlando, FL-based Everest is the patented Versa Vend rotating barrel that collects, agitates and dispenses ice in a single step, eliminating the need for conventional ice machine agitators and auger systems.

Mercury says it has more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing a range of equipment types, including bank ATMs, kiosks and military, aerospace and energy solutions. It has worked with such giants as Kodak and IBM.