February 13, 2024

A Brief Introduction to Gas Station Ice Machines

Adding an ice kiosk to your gas station or convenience store is a great way to provide added convenience to customers, tap into new revenue streams, and futureproof your business. With the right ice vendor solution, you can take your operations to the next level. Ice vending units require little oversight, can be managed remotely, and earn passive income around the clock while meeting customer demand for chilled refreshments. Everest’s revolutionary ice machines outperform traditional ice dispensers to deliver serious profits for gas station owners.

What Are Ice Machines?

Ice machines are self-service vending units that produce and bag fresh ice on demand. An internal ice maker creates the ice, and customers can purchase it directly from the machine.

How Do They Work?

Ice vendors connect directly to a gas station’s or convenience store’s water supply and electricity. They filter and chill the water to form ice. Customers simply walk up, select their desired type and quantity of ice, and pay. Payment options typically include credit cards. With Everest machines, you have the option to add a bill and coin collector.

Ice is then quickly dispensed into bags or directly into buckets and coolers. The entire ice production and vending process is completely self-service, without any direct human contact or labor required.

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The Benefits of Commercial Ice Vending for Gas Stations

Adding an ice machine to high-traffic locations has tremendous advantages for gas stations and their customers.

  • 24/7 Accessibility and Convenience: Ice is available on-demand 24 hours a day, with no risk of running low on stock. Customers have the ultimate convenience.
  • Increased Revenue Streams: Ice vending provides passive income that requires no staff oversight. Profits can be anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 per month.
  • Lower Risk of Contamination: When assessing the safety of gas station ice, ice machines have a minimal risk of contamination. This is because the ice production process is completely contained and doesn’t require human contact.
  • No Inventory to Stock: There’s no need to store bulk ice bags that take up space or restock the machines. Ice inventory is created fresh and on-site.

Features Of Everest Ice Vending Machines

Everest Ice and Water Vending Machines lead the industry in innovative technology, efficient features, and benefits for gas station owners. Some of the key characteristics that stand out include:

  • Superior Quality and Purity of Ice: Ice is produced by a top-quality, commercial-grade ice maker for pure, contaminant-free ice.
  • High Capacity and Efficiency: The unit can store 550 lbs. of ice at a time and vend over 1,500 lbs. of ice daily. Industry-leading efficiency cuts electricity costs.
  • Easy Operation for All Users: Our simple one-moving part design eliminates jamming. Customers love the fast and efficient ice vending experience!
  • Robust and Durable Design: The machine’s powder-coated steel frame stands up to any environment, resists corrosion, and secures internal components from theft or vandalism.
  • Low Maintenance Costs and High-Profit Margins: No franchise fees, maintenance fees, or licensing fees and minimal maintenance lowers operating costs and maximizes profits.
  • Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solution: From the production process to truck delivery to the energy required to keep it cool, bagged ice consumes a lot of energy. Our energy-efficient machines allow you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

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How much does an ice vending machine cost?

The cost of an ice vending machine can vary depending on the type, size, and features. A basic, entry-level ice machine that dispenses bagged ice can run between $3,000 to $10,000. Higher-end commercial ice machines with a large production and storage capacity, advanced filtration system, and included water vending often run between $20,000 to $50,000+. Contact ice vending manufacturers for exact pricing.

Is an ice machine a good investment?

An ice machine can be an excellent investment. The upfront costs of purchasing and installing a commercial ice maker can be substantial, but the machines generate revenue by selling ice 24/7 and have relatively low overhead once operational. In a high-traffic area, an ice machine can produce annual net profits of $50,000 or more.

How long does an ice vending machine last?

Ice machines are built to be durable and have a long lifespan. Properly maintained machines can remain in operation for 15-20 years or longer.

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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