April 9, 2021
Everest Explains

How Long Until You Make Ice Vending Machine Profits?

Is an ice vending machine a good investment? If you’re seriously considering an ice and water vending business, you probably want to know how long you have to wait between placing your order and seeing some profit on your ice vending machine. Ice vending isn’t like most business opportunities that you might be considering that can take months or even years to see any real profits.

Interested in learning how long until ice vending machines are profitable? Here’s what you need to know when buying an ice machine.


At Everest, we sell you a “business in a box”. Our machine is essentially plug and play. This means that we have engineered your machine to be easy to install. We do this by having all the utilities enter the machine from the rear, and not from underneath like most machines. This means you won’t be required to pour a custom concrete pad. In fact, because our machine can be leveled using the provided leveling legs, you may not need a concrete pad at all.

An Everest VX machine requires only three connections: power, water, and a simple drain. We are the most energy-efficient machine on the market today, so we only require a 30AMP electrical Service. ALL other machines start at 60AMPS and go all the way to 200AMPS! This means that the electrical installation will be MUCH easier.

All of this means that you can have an Everest machine installed and making ice the SAME DAY it’s delivered! There are not many other businesses that can allow you to start making a profit on your first day in business.


When you buy an Everest Ice and Water Vending machine, this is the typical process:

  • After you make your initial payment, we’ll verify your order and shipping address. Typically, each machine has a 6-8 week lead time.
  • You will be assigned an Account Manager who will reach out to you. They will start sending you all the information that you will need, like Owner’s Manuals, Site Plans, and help you set up your credit card processing account so you’re ready on day one to make sales. If you have chosen a CUSTOM BRANDING backlit panel, we’ll also begin that design process with you at this time.
  • Your Account Manager will give you the Password and Login information to Everest University, a clearinghouse of videos that will familiarize you with every component in your machine. You can begin viewing this information so you will be completely prepared and comfortable when your new machine arrives.
  • You will receive a final payment invoice from us two weeks before the shipment of your machine.
  • One week before your machine ships, you will receive a shipment reminder. Furthermore, as a reminder to solidify your plumber and electrician for your machine’s simple connections.
  • You will receive tracking information and a bill of lading once your machine has shipped and an appointment time for your delivery.  We will also confirm with you that your electric and water has been set up before your machine arrives.

  • Your Account Manager will assist you in scheduling your Commissioning Call with our Service Department. This call will occur once your machine is delivered and power and water have been connected. On this call, you’ll verify that the machine is operating as it did in the Factory and that you’re ready to start selling ice!
  • Once your machine arrives, we will guide you through the onboarding process as we’ve done with hundreds of customers all over the world.
  • Your machine is ready to start making you serious profits the second the commissioning call is complete.

The longer you wait to order your ice and water vending machine, the longer you’ll have before you start making profits. Even a low-performing ice and water vending location can make up to $1500 a month in profits, so the longer you wait, the more money it costs you!

How much longer will you wait to start making serious vending machine business profits? Contact an Everest Equipment Specialist today to get started with your new business.

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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