January 1, 2022

How To Make Recurring Passive Income That Is Not a Scam

Passive income is having a moment online right now. Tens of millions of people have left their jobs since April 2021 during the Great Resignation, and many are looking to boost their income while still focusing on their work/life balance. Passive income sounds like the answer. The problem is, when you try to research the types of passive income out there, you’ll find yourself going down paths that lead nowhere. Type “how to make passive income” into a search engine, and you’ll get a flurry of ideas on how to earn extra income — none of them viable. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid passive income scams.

They’ll tell you to flip retail products (borderline illegal), become an online influencer (it’s just as easy as that?), become a peer-to-peer lender (also known as a loan shark) or design an app (really?).

They’ll also tell you to get a side hustle like being an Uber driver or an Instacart shopper. Great gigs, to be sure, but there’s nothing “passive” about them. Clearly, the internet doesn’t know what passive income is.

The IRS, however, does. They define legitimate passive income as income from real estate, or from “trade or business activities” in which you didn’t participate for more than 500 hours for any given tax year.

That’s recurring passive income. That’s what we offer. You may be giving us the side-eye right now because you already know the so-called “passive” income scams out there. But here are the facts:

  • Ice vending is a unique business model that allows you to own your own business and literally make money while you sleep. Unlike other vending models, you don’t have to continually re-stock an ice machine. It makes what it sells! (Passive!)
  • Other vending operations need employees to restock machines. You don’t have the hassle of that. This is a no-employee business that requires little to no effort from you. Ice vending allows you to scale up if you choose to — without adding employees or restocking hassle. It only adds revenue. Ice vending requires very little maintenance. You’ll change the filter periodically, but because of our patented one-moving-part dispenser, there’s nothing to break down.
  • Ice vending doesn’t require training or any technical expertise on your part. You can manage it remotely, so you can live anywhere.

At Everest Ice and Water Systems, we work with a wide range of people who are getting into the ice vending business for a wide range of reasons, but chief among them is passive income. Our machines are truly stress-free. They generate income for people 24/7 with very little upkeep or maintenance. We know there are a lot of scams and half-promises out there about passive income. But if you’re interested in starting a business that will generate income for real with no employees, no upkeep, no maintenance, and no-hassle, give us a call. We’re happy to talk to you about making a passive income with our vending machines.

In the meantime, read what senior financial analyst Derek Sall, who reached out to Everest to explore the ice vending business with an investor’s mindset, thinks about this business in his report “Passive Income with an Ice Machine: Is it Worth it?

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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