May 18, 2022

Exactly How Passive is Passive Income?

Feet in the sand, cold drink in hand, enjoying the tropical breeze while waiting for the tide to roll in. One quick glance at your bank account reveals a recent deposit of $3,000, with much more expected in the coming days. You’ve made it! When most people dream of passive income, they conjure up images such as this: long days spent in paradise, doing absolutely nothing while consistent income hits your bank account.

Unfortunately, the reality is much more jarring and unpleasant.

In nearly every industry, setting up a passive income stream is anything but passive. Just about every income stream requires a tremendous amount of sweat equity to start, leaving you wondering if passive income is even real. And, even if it is successfully built, most people can expect to spend more time in an office chair than a beach chair.  

Well, in most industries except one.

Ice vending with Everest is one of the easiest and least time-intensive ways to set up a truly passive income stream for yourself. Unlike a traditional vending machine business, ice vending is virtually hands-off and extremely profitable. Ice vending is an $835 million industry in the United States, which is growing by approximately 35% year after year. 

So why are Everest vending machines passive income? Read on to learn how to get into ice vending with Everest — and start planning your vacation. 


Exactly how passive is passive income? Unlike a traditional vending machine business, ice vending is as close to hands-off as possible. Here are a few reasons why. 

Infrequent and easy maintenance. Unlike other ice vending machines, Everest’s patented VersaVend dispersing system requires zero maintenance and virtually no learning curve for new operators. Everest also offers remote monitoring, so you can check in on your machine from your seaside lounge chair. The Everest VX Models have dispensed over 7 million vends WITHOUT A SINGLE JAM and counting, because it has only one moving part. So you’re not running out there to troubleshoot the machine … ever.

No inventory requirements. If you’ve worked in an office with a vending machine, you’ve seen the stocker who pushes a cart into the break room every week to replenish the sodas and chips. There’s none of that with ice vending. Our machine makes its own inventory. It’s its own factory and restocker, all in one. All it needs is water and electricity. No inventory to manage, no product to stock. The only “stocking” you’ll need to do is replacing the plastic bags and filter a few times a year.

No employees needed. With no stocking and no maintenance, what would employees do? Whether you intend to own one machine or build an empire, you’ll be doing no hiring or employee management.


You’re convinced the income you can earn with an ice vending business with Everest is truly passive. But how much income are we talking about? A couple hundred bucks a month? Aim a bit higher than that. It varies depending on the location and pricing you set, but here’s a good estimate: A machine with average pricing and a typical sell volume will rake in $38,209.70 per year. Ratchet that up to a machine with high pricing and excellent sales volume: $168,668 per year. We have an income estimate calculator on our site. Try it for yourself!

Simply put: An ice vending machine is one of the most profitable businesses available.

Why is it so profitable? The Everest VX Series is the most energy-efficient ice vending machine on the market. Producing 10 pounds of ice costs roughly $0.07, and can be sold for $2-$3 on average. This means your ice machine could be producing up to a 98% gross profit margin.

The only industry on earth that beats a 98% gross profit margin? Banks.

As far as ROI is concerned, even a low-performing ice vending machine will recoup its initial investment in two to three years, with a high-performing machine doing so in less than a year.

Get Started Today

Offering an extremely high profit margin, an unbelievable ROI, and virtually no day-to-day (or even week-to-week) maintenance and upkeep, there is no better passive income opportunity than owning an Everest ice vending machine. 

Take that first step and contact us. We will be with you every step of the way to help you find an ideal location, get set up with your machine and even help with financing if needed.

Turn your passive income dream into reality with an Everest ice vending machine business!

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