April 7, 2021
Everest Difference

Everest – Proudly Made in the USA

We know how important it is to make sure your machine is made to the highest standards. As a company, we know how important it is to support US run and US owned businesses. Without a doubt, we here at Everest are proud to say we’re Made In The USA! 


At Everest Ice and Water Systems, we are proud to manufacture our Ice and Water Vending Machines in the USA. We manufacture all our equipment in our home in Orlando, Florida. We also buy all of our components from USA-owned businesses. Our Scotsman Ice Makers and our USA Technologies credit card equipment are American Brands. Moreover, our frames use US Steel in their construction. Unquestionably, we’re proud to sell American and proud to buy American. Obviously, you should be too.

Some manufacturers cut corners and purchase low-quality components and source them from the lowest bidder, often from overseas with little to no quality control. Whereas, Everest is constantly reviewing our vendor list to ensure that our machines can say Made In The USA on the side, and mean it! 

Furthermore, not only are our machines made in the USA, but we’re working with our experts to ensure our machines are the most well-engineered and quality-built Ice Vending machines available today. We’re constantly innovating instead of selling the same machine, year after year, with an outdated design.


EVERY other Ice Vending machine manufacturer is using 20-year-old technology to dispense the ice to your customer. Multiple moving parts, outdated technology, and lack of innovation make your machine obsolete the day you buy it! Absolutely don’t buy a machine from a company that refuses to innovate. This is a mistake! Everest offers cutting-edge technology that improves your ownership experience, makes the product you sell safer and saves you money. Our proprietary ozone injection, energy recycling, and patented simple dispensing systems keep pushing us forward. Without a doubt, Everest is light years ahead of everyone else.

You aren’t just buying an Ice Vending machine – you’re investing in your business. With an Everest Ice and Water Vending machine, you’ll have the best-built Ice Vending Business possible.

And it’s made right here in the good old US of A!

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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