January 31, 2024

Everest Will Be Attending The Orgill Dealer Market 2024!

Orlando, FL: Orgill is a distributor and grants access to quality programs and services tailored exclusively for independent retailers. They embrace the essence of local branding and empower retailers to thrive in a competitive market. Join Everest Ice and Water Systems at the upcoming Spring Online Buying Event, a hardware event seamlessly integrated with the Dealer Market.

Orgill’s assortments utilize prime manufacturers from across the globe to allow retailers to compete against industry giants and enjoy higher gross margins. Significant floor space is dedicated to the New Items area where retailers can take advantage of discounts up to 50%.  Make sure to participate in obtaining the latest and greatest industry products, ensuring your inventory stays at an advantage. An abundance of networking opportunities is available with independent retailers from across all 50 states and over 60 countries. Elevate your expertise and participate in our Seminars and Clinics within the Learning Center at the Orgill Dealer Market. 

Everest Ice and Water Systems produces and sells ice and water vending machines that can be placed outside hardware stores. Construction workers who frequently visit hardware stores can refill their coolers while purchasing hardware materials, adding a revenue source to a place that doesn’t typically sell ice. 

Join Everest at the Spring Online Buying Event for the opportunity to elevate your retail business.

About Everest Ice and Water Systems

Everest has been an Ice and Water Vending manufacturer since 2015, originally starting out of Pittsburgh, PA. We understand that to grow in this industry the focus must be primarily on product innovation and reliability. We focus on and continue to focus on engineering and design to simplify the lives of their customers and the machine operators. 

The Everest motto, Always Climbing, originates from the primary focus of supporting business owners in the ice industry by providing the best equipment. Everest did not design a machine that monetizes Everest’s service and support. The industry and Everest’s competitors make revenue centers out of supporting the machine. Everest does not believe in that.  We aim to help the customer become as successful as possible with their first machine so we can celebrate with them when they purchase their tenth, twentieth, and fiftieth machine.

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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