Upgraded: Ice Machines for Your Convenience Store!

Bagged ice is a key product for convenience stores. However, between delivery fees, storage costs, and supply chain issues, bagged ice isn’t always the most profitable.

Enter Everest: Ice and Water Vending. With our industry leading Summit, customers can pick up and pay for their ice directly from the machine.

Benefits to Everest

Out of Stock? Problem Solved.

Waiting for delivery trucks to restock your inventory is a pain, and supply chain issues coupled with growing delivery fees can have a big effects on your profits. Instead of waiting on someone else, make your ice on-site with an Everest machine.

More features. No extra fees.

Everest Ice & Water vending machines come standard with must-have features like credit card readers and water vending, and we won’t charge you extra for add-ons you don’t need.

Less down time, less maintenance.

Our free Everest University program ensures that you have the knowledge you need to take care of your machine, and if something goes wrong, our world-class service team is there to back you up, no matter what issues my arise!