Premium Everest Support Process

Everest believes in a four-level service approach when it comes to service and support.  We call these four levels the Premium Everest Support Process. 

Level 1

Simplified Design

The Everest ice and water machines have been engineered to eliminate over 90% of the issues faced by traditional ice and water vending machines. The Everest Summit Series was built with fewer moving parts (decreasing the possibility of mechanical failure) and heightened security (decreasing the possibility for machine vandalism).  

Level 2

Educating Our Customers

Through Everest University, all of our customers and machine operators have access to extensive resources that allow them to become experts on their machines and the ice vending industry.  

Level 3

Real-time Data From the Machine

Operators are able to communicate with their machine in two ways. Through BASECAMP, our remote machine manager, an operator is able to vend ice and water, change prices, review revenue reports, and identify any potential issue and with the machine from a laptop, computer, or tablet anywhere in the world.  

Through Direct Connect, Operators can have access to more in-depth machine operational data. This allows operators to perform common ice machine maintenance without the need of an onsite technician! Diagnose any potential problems and review every machine system simply by connecting a USB cord to the machine and any laptop computer.  

These two communication methods allow for a level of machine system operational awareness and system diagnosis that is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Level 4

Service and Support Line

The Everest vending machine support team is there for its customers should they need anything. Whether it is to order parts, review their machine operations, do a step-by-step walkthrough of a troubleshooting process, or assist in scheduling a visit from a qualified service technician, our team is available via email or phone. We are the ONLY manufacturer to offer live phone support to get you in contact with the Everest service team as quickly as possible. If you have any issues with your machine, you can contact us when it happens. We will then document the issue for you and work to resolve it as soon as possible!

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