Why Own An Ice Vending Machine Business?

If you’re looking to make passive income, even making money while you sleep, Ice Vending is a perfect fit!

Starting an ice vending machine business is the perfect way to make passive income and skip out on the humdrum of a 9 to 5 job.

Ice vending is a unique business model that allows you to own your own business, make passive income with little to no training, doesn’t require keeping stock or inventory, requires no technical expertise, has a relatively low capital investment and has a very high return on investment.

An ice vending machine business does not require employees and can be run in your spare time. It is a business that is easy to scale rapidly and is part of a 20 year old, $835 Million dollar industry. Ice Vending is growing rapidly, by approximately 35% annually.

High Profit Potential

A Good Business Decision

High Profit Margins

The Everest Summit Series is the most energy efficient on the market. They only require a 30AMP Electrical service. Our next nearest competitor is 60AMP and they go up to 200! Because our machines are so efficient, they make 10 pounds of ice for around $0.07. You can sell that product for $2-$3 on average. That’s up to 98% gross margin! Over 4,000% mark-up! That’s a high profit margin!

Quick Return on Cash

A poor performing Ice & Water Vending location can produce a return on your investment in as little as 2-3 years! A typical location in 1-2. Home run locations even less! Click here to speak with one of our ice machine business specialists to find out more.

High Ability to Scale

One machine, two machines, three machines more! Everest Ice & Water Vending machines are easy to place, easy to install and easy to operate. We offer Remote Machine Management which allows you to log into our portal to track sales, check on your machine, receive machine status updates or even vend a bag of ice to a waiting customer while they stand in front of the machine, from anywhere in the world! Owning multiple machines is a breeze!

How Much Money Can I Make?

Use our calculator to run the numbers!

Getting Started

Your New Ice Machine Business
Up And Running Quickly

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Low Capital Investment Requirements

You can start your new ice vending business with a low initial capital investment! There’s not many businesses you can start with as little cash out of pocket. This low initial investment allows for a rapid return on your investment.

Low Space Requirements

An Everest Ice & Water Vending Machine has the smallest footprint in Ice Vending at just 20 square feet. Unlike our competitors’ huge machines that are difficult to place, hard to move and expensive to install, the Everest Summit Series can be set up and selling ice the same day. Our machine is eight feet tall so it’s certainly big enough to draw attention and customers, but our compact footprint makes your Everest machine fit just about anywhere! At a storefront. In a parking lot. Under an overhang. Run your ice vending machine business anywhere!

Low Human Capital Requirements

In what other business can you operate multiple locations but require no employees? You can operate many Everest Ice & Water Vending machines in your spare time! Start your ice vending business today!

Minimal Time Required

With our simple, one moving part design, the time requirements are minimal. Unlike our competitors, our patented VersaVend dispensing system requires zero maintenance. Our competitors’ machines are so complicated you’ll need special training and a LOT of your time just to keep them running. You probably aren’t looking to buy another full time job! Everest has you covered.

No Inventory Requirements

All other vending businesses require you to buy, stock, and carry bulky and expensive inventory. The Everest Ice & Water Vending machine makes its own inventory using water and electricity. No product to stock. No inventory to worry about. Everest makes it simple!

Business Operations

Ice and Water Machines
Business Operations

Low Operational Maintenance Required

There’s not many businesses that you can run that require so little maintenance. Maintaining your machine can be the most time you will spend on your new business. We designed our equipment with this specifically in mind. From our patented, no maintenance one-moving part dispenser, to our plug and play components, powder-coated frame and easily changed filters, your new Everest machine will be easy to maintain.

Can Be Managed Remotely

Manage your commercial ice machine business remotely – Everest’s Remote Monitoring makes it easy to check in on your machine. We understand that your new business will probably be a source of second income, and not your primary focus. You can manage as many machines as you want, from literally anywhere in the world.

Low Reliance on Vendors, Partners, or Distributors

You own the factory. Your Ice & Water Vending machine filters the water and makes the ice on-site. You don’t have to stock inventory or replenish any products. Get the passive income that vending is known for, without all the work. Your machine makes what it sells!

We’re not a franchise! We’re an un-franchise business opportunity.

We don’t want part of your profits, nor do we charge you any licensing fees, yet we’re still here to help you get started in your new ice and water machine business, assist you in finding a location and introduce you to financing options.

Report by Derek Sall

Passive Income With An Ice Machine: Is It Worth It?

Derek Sall reached out to Everest to explore the Ice Vending business with an investor’s mindset and then chronicled his findings in a report. Is Ice Vending worth it? Click the button below to read what a Senior Financial Analyst with a Masters Degree in Finance thinks about the ice & water vending industry. See what the experts think.

An Eco-Friendly Business

Just think about the journey your bagged ice makes from the ice plant to your glass or cooler. It is distributed by a machine, then bagged, loaded onto a truck, handled by a delivery person, rearranged by convenience-store clerks and handled by customers. Energy consumption, trucks on the road causing traffic and plastic bag consumption will all be reduced by using the Everest Summit. We estimate that using the Everest Summit will reduce the carbon footprint of the current central ice factory model by at least 85%. Furthermore, our bulk dispensing feature encourages customers to conveniently use their coolers and water jugs, saving plastic and the environment.

Never before have people in the United States been more concerned about what they eat and drink. What people put into their bodies has a direct effect on their health. This health-consciousness is a great thing for your commercial ice machine business because the water and ice coming out of a machine is made fresh without any human hands involved in its making – eliminating the risk of contamination.

Great Business Opportunities

in Ice Vending Technology

The ice vending business is an industry that has grown from technological advancements. These advancements allow the industry to eat up the market share of older, antiquated distribution systems. For decades ice has been sold in ice chests at retail locations. These ice chests are filled on a daily basis by a regional distributor of ice who gets their ice from a large factory. This is a very expensive way of getting ice to customers due to the high human capital requirement to fulfill this system. Ultimately, this cost is passed onto the customer. Imagine if there was no distribution system. Imagine if you were the ice factory selling directly to customers. Where would those savings (also known as profit) go?

Take the first step

Starting Your Ice Vending Business

The first step is to narrow down your choice to the type of machine that is right for you, then find a manufacturer. There are several different types of ice vending machines that you can choose to invest in and we’ll cover the differences below.

All types of ice vending machines sell bagged ice and can have the ability to also vend water (most companies will charge extra to add this feature to your machine). Only a couple of manufacturers also offer your customer the choice between bulk ice, or ice vended directly into your customers cooler AND bagged ice. This bulk ice option is the bedrock of ice vending and is what has made ice vending popular.

While deciding which type of ice vending machine is right for you, consider your location: How much traffic does it see in a typical day? How much space will you be able to set aside or rent for your machine? How easily will potential customers be able to access your machine?

The price range listed for each type of ice vending machine is for the initial purchase only. In addition to purchasing or renting a location for your machine, you may have to pay maintenance fees, licensing or franchise fees depending on the company your purchase your machine from.

Everest Vs The Competition

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Dispensing SystemOne Moving PartLess to break. No maintenance. Ease of use.Multiple moving parts (some have up to a dozen)Multiple points of failure. Difficult to maintain. More cost. More labor.
Ice ProductionCold FusionMake up to 100,00 pounds more ice using the same electricity.
More Ice = More Profit
Not availableMakes less ice. Less profit.
Cold Fusion,
Ice Shield,
All Seasons Package.
Everest invests in technology to make your machine better. Remote software updates mean your machine always stays up-to-date.Not availableYour machine is out dated the moment you buy it.
Footprint20 Square Feet.Can be installed virtually anywhere. Makes finding a location easy.Much larger machines.Require complicated installation. 
More space = more rent & harder to find location.
Standard FeaturesWater Vending.
5-Stage filtration.
LED Lighting.
Credit Card.
Bulk Vending.
We don’t charge extra for the machine you need.All options cost extra.You pay more for the machine you need.
PortabilityOur machine can be moved by one person.Find a better location? Move your machine easily.Larger footprint machines. Custom concrete pad.Once your machine is installed, you’re unlikely to ever move it.
SafetyEverest Ice Shield disinfects the entire ice pathMakes your ice the safest in the ice vending industry. Constantly cleans ice maker.Not availableYou’re required to clean your ice maker regularly. Ice isn’t disinfected.
Ice Maker ProtectionIce-maker installed in the cabinet, under lock and keyMost expensive component is shielded from heat, cold, vandalism, theft and the elements.Ice maker typically installed on the roof, covered with canvas.Ice maker is exposed to heat, cold, vandalism, theft and the elements.
Ease of InstallationOur machines are delivered on a liftgate. Easy connect utilities.Easy installation. Have your machine making ice on the delivery day.Ice maker shipped separately from machine. Larger machines, 3-phase power or complicated utility connections.Larger machines require a forklift, a boom truck or crane. You’re required to install the ice maker in the parking lot. 3-phase power is expensive.
No FeesEverest charges no fees or royalties and has no expensive maintenance contracts.The engineering of the Everest units means there’s no need to charge expensive maintenance or support fees. In fact our dispensing system requires zero maintenance whatsoever. Fewer operating costs mean more profit for you.Most other machine options are either a franchise (with franchise fees, royalties, etc.) or charge annual fees for things like licensing, support, and maintenance.These fees exist so that these companies can offset the costs associated with assisting their customers in the maintenance and service needs of these more complex and cumbersome designs.
Simple design, simple operation

A Great Investment

The goal of the engineering team at Everest Ice and Water Systems was to design a machine that eliminated the design flaws and issues common with all other machines on the market. We set out to design a machine that was both simple in its design and simple to operate. We wanted a machine that gives your customers what they want, a choice of either bagged ice or bulk ice dispensed directly into their cooler – and this choice comes standard, in each of our machines. We eliminated the multiple moving parts that are necessary in all other ice vending designs that cause these ice jams, machine downtime and operator headaches. The result was the Everest Summit Series. The Summit Series are the ONLY machines on the market today that use only ONE moving part to dispense ice to your customers, not 15 or 20.

Interested in an Ice Vending Machine?

The Everest Summit Series are the only machines in the industry to have ONE moving part. ONE. Since there is only ONE moving part, there is a LOT less to fail.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Deal Breakers

There are a few of what should be “Deal Breakers” that you should make sure you’re aware of when buying your new Ice Vending machine. Learn these few simple truths when purchasing your new machine and you’re sure to be a success!


Buying a Machine With Too Many Parts

It is important to make sure that your machine is operational at all times. If the machine isn’t running, your business isn’t either! The main reason for ice vending machine issues are ice jams. These occur within the system because ice has either solidified together in the storage bin or one of the parts within the machine has broken down and is unable to move the ice to the ice chute.


Buying a Machine That Is Too Large

If you purchase an ice vending machine that does not store enough ice for the demand of your customers, then you will lose daily sales and ultimately lose your customer’s business altogether. Some ice vending operators use this as a reason to get the largest storage capacity possible. This often doubles or triples the overall cost of the machine and significantly affects your return on investment.


Don’t Buy a Machine That Doesn’t Offer Bulk Ice

Bulk ice vending is what makes Ice Vending popular! It’s what makes your machine stand out from every convenience store in town! Some manufacturers don’t offer “Bulk” ice. Bulk ice is ice that is vended directly into your customer’s cooler, container or ice chest. Most outdoorsmen, hunters, fishermen, blue-collar workers and people that just plain like cold beer want this feature. When a customer dispenses ice into their own container, it is better for the environment and saves you the cost of the bag. If you don’t offer bulk ice, you could be alienating more than 50% of your customers! This is a mistake!


Buying a Machine Without Built-In Water Vending

Typical ice vending companies will offer water vending as an option. This is strictly a way for them to charge more money. Most new ice vending operators elect not to get the water option due to the added cost. This is a mistake. Ice vending operators who initially choose to skip this option often end up purchasing a completely separate water vending machine unit a few months later.


Buying a Machine That Comes With Costly Recurring Fees

Some ice and water vending machines in the market come with additional fees that the operator may or may not be aware of. With some machines, operators have to pay for expensive franchise fees, licensing fees or mandatory machine maintenance fees.

…And there are More!

Avoid additional costly mistakes with our guide to the Top 10 Mistakes Made By Ice & Water Vendors. Click below to fill out a form to receive a copy of our full guide.