The search for the perfect location can be one of the biggest obstacles in starting your new business. This decision will affect your profits directly. However, you do not have to do this alone. Everest is here to help.

First, you need to decide which direction you want to go.  You can find the location yourself, or contract a professional to do it for you. There are pros and cons to both. Some people like the freedom to find their perfect location themselves, and we have a LOT of customers that do. Below you will find more information depending on which route you’d like to go!

One of the most important (and at first glance, daunting) decisions to make when starting your own ice and water vending business is where to put the dang machine! If you want to find your new machine location yourself, Everest has lots of ways we can help. We recommend starting by reading our blog entry on how to find your own ice vending machine location. We go in-depth with some tips and tricks, location examples, and how to approach potential businesses. CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE LOCATION FINDING BLOG.

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get into the ice and water vending business, and we can help you. Everest has created an in-depth video that talks about finding the perfect ice vending machine location. Thankfully, with almost 1,000 machines both in the US and internationally, we’re able to go into detail to help you find that perfect home run location.

Sometimes, you can land the perfect location on the first try – we’ve had plenty of instances where it doesn’t take long. On the other hand, we’ve had instances where it takes a few weeks! That’s okay too! Finding the right location is a process that you can’t rush! We’ve sold and shipped hundreds of machines, and we have never shipped to someone without a location. You’ll find yours, too.

To help you zero in on just the right spot for your machine, here are a few helpful tips to keep you on the path to success.

Your customers are already going to car washes, convenience and grocery stores, and shopping centers. Blue-collar employees will ice down their coolers on their way to work. Apartment complex residents will appreciate the convenience of a nearby Ice Vending Machine when they have parties. Boaters and campers use LOTS of ice. These machines are a “business in a box,” and it doesn’t really matter what business it’s in front of! Visibility and accessibility are the two most important factors. Don’t drive by a great location just because it isn’t a convenience or grocery store. In fact, most of our customers’ machines aren’t installed at locations that already sell ice. Click here to learn more

Regardless of how you decide to pay the landlord, let it be known that you are looking to lease, and compensate them for the use of their land. Explain it simply, and also be sure to mention that it could potentially draw thousands of people to the location every year! If your landlord runs a business, this is just more potential income for them, too. These are customers that your machine will bring to their place of business, without any marketing or advertising costs! This is some serious added value to your business proposition, and it could help you find a location more quickly. Click here to learn more

You can get power and water to your machine one of two ways: either running new utilities to the machine, or by metering the used water and electricity and reimbursing your landlord accordingly. Everest can meter the exact amount of water and power used by the machine, so you can reimburse the property owner the exact amount without guessing. This makes installing your machine a breeze, and it’s a feature only offered by Everest. Click here to learn

At Everest, we are the ONLY manufacturer that can offer you professional location services. We have partnered with one of the oldest and the most reputable vending locator services in the country. They have found thousands of vending machine locations since 1993 and Everest will introduce you to them. They are exclusively partnered with Everest, and we are the ONLY ice and water vending machine manufacturer that has this service available. 


They will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire with some of the locations, businesses, areas, and zip codes where you would like them to search. You can tell them how much rent you are willing to pay (typically in the $200-$400 / Month range), and any specific business locations you would like them to contact on your behalf. 

They will contact property and business owners in the areas you request and discuss with them what’s involved with placing an Everest Ice and Water Vending machine and the benefits of having one at their business. They will offer the property owner what rent you have indicated that you are willing to pay. If the property/business owner is willing to continue the conversation and is interested in meeting with you, they will send you the property owner’s information and you can call to set a time to visit with them in person. They can typically introduce you to several prospective locations. 

Top Choice will charge you a fee to assist you finding a location. The Initial Payment will get them started finding you a location. This portion of the fee is non-refundable. They will continue searching for a location until they have found one that is acceptable. Once they have introduced you to the property/business owner, and you have both agreed to the installation of your new machine, you will then be billed the final payment. These payments will be paid by credit card but can be added on to the machine financing if you wish. 

Everest has negotiated that a portion of your fee that would normally go to Top Choice will be paid to your new landlord at the time the lease is signed. This will be paid directly by Top Choice to your new landlord as a “Signing Bonus” on your behalf. This helps to give the property owner more incentive to agree to your terms. You will pay the property owner the first 3 months’ rent in advance at the time of the signing as well. Combined with the signing bonus, this gives them some immediate profit and also makes it more enticing to get started. 

Regardless of who makes the introduction, you will visit the property, meet the owner and assess the location, visibility, and accessibility of the machine on the property and access to water and power. Once you have selected a location and agreed on the rental amount, there are some steps to take. 

-Contact a local plumber and electrician to visit the property to determine the viability and cost of bringing the utilities from where they are on the property to where you want to place the machine. 

-Review and execute a Lease with your new landlord (Everest has an example lease you can use) outlining the agreed-upon rent and lease term.

-Prep the site to receive the machine. Make sure the machine will be stable, level, and supported. 

-Contract your plumber and electrician to bring the power and water to the machine install location. 

That’s it! Can it get any simpler?

Not only does Everest make a machine that’s incredibly simple in design and ownership, but we can also help you find the perfect location, market your new business, and provide materials and information to further your success. All without expensive recurring fees or monthly charges.

Even though we say we’re “just the manufacturer,” we’re also invested in your success.


If you’re closing in on the perfect spot for your new Ice Vending machine, or just starting your search, here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you get the Perfect Location to make serious profits. Click the questions below for answers.

Yes. It’s the same with all manufacturers. You should find the location at which you want to open your new business.

All it takes is a little legwork. Think about your city or town. Ice & Water Vending machines do best when placed where they are visible and accessible. Visible from the road and accessible so that your customers can pull up to the machine. You also want to put your business where the people are. I’m sure you can think of a few locations already.

You can choose between a simple monthly fee of around $200-$300/mo. or offer to split the profits with them. 15%-20% is typical. 

Everest Ice & Water Machines draw a crowd! Your machine will pull potentially thousands of new customers onto their property that they don’t need to advertise or market to. They will also get paid for a small 20 square foot section of their property that they aren’t being paid for currently.

That’s up to you. Everest has a Sample Lease you can use for guidance. Just ask your Everest Equipment Specialist for a copy or click this to download.

At Everest, we are the ONLY manufacturer that can offer you professional location services. We have partnered with one of the oldest and the most reputable vending locator services in the country. They have found thousands of vending machine locations since 1993 and Everest will introduce you to them. They are exclusively partnered with Everest, and we are the ONLY ice and water vending machine manufacturer that has this service available.  Click here to learn more.

A little money always helps! A lot of our customers pay a small “signing bonus” of $500 or so and offer 2-3 months’ rent upfront. This helps your new landlord to be incentified to get things going!

Everest machines are the most energy-efficient on the market. Our machines are plug-and-play and do not require expensive on-site assembly. You just need 220v/30 AMP power and a ½” water line. There’s also a ¾” simple gravity drain that can be run into a “french” drain or simply into a flower bed. 

Both electricians and plumbers offer free estimates. Meet them at the location and tell them what you need.

An Everest machine can be installed on existing pavement, concrete, or asphalt. It has leveling legs and just needs to be stable, level, and supported. You can have a small concrete pad poured if there’s no readily available location.

We deliver a machine that is plug and play. We deliver on a truck with a liftgate. The machine has been fully assembled at our factory, where we have quality control, not delivered in pieces to be assembled by the manufacturer onsite. Just pull the machine off the liftgate with the pallet jack and position it. Your plumber and electrician will make the simple connections. You can and will be making ice the same day it’s delivered!

Of course! Anything you can do to call attention to your new business is wonderful. Everest sells several marketing packages that can help you with this. These packages include flags, custom banners, free vend coupons, EZ-UP tents, and everything you need to get off to a great start.

HELPFUL Resources

Here are some helpful tools and guides to help you on your journey in finding the best location for your Everest ice and water vending machine.


With over 700 machines worldwide, Everest knows a thing or two on how to find the perfect location. We have put together some documentation for you to assist you in your search for that home-run location! Click the button below to download a sample lease agreement, an Everest VX informational handout you can leave behind with a potential business, and an Everest VX spec sheet.


Click the button below to be taken to our blog where we go further in-depth about finding the perfect ice vending location. It contains more information on how to find the perfect location including a listing of potential locations you can visit as well as some photographs of current locations where there are Everest machines.