Everest is better. Why?

Here are a few reasons as to why we stand above the crowd.

Everest VX with Versavend

One Moving Part

2,000,000 vends and counting…

VersaVend, Everest’s patented, one-moving part dispensing system.

Everest patented this system, VersaVend, in 2008. It is an ice storage and dispensing system that is exclusive to Everest Ice and Water Systems.

Most ice vending machines break down because of ice jams due to the multiple moving parts that they use to move ice within the machine. The Everest VX Models have dispensed over 2 million vends WITHOUT A SINGLE JAM and counting, because it has only one moving part. This simple, revolutionary, patented system is exclusive to Everest. Everest VX models are the only machines in the industry to have ONE moving part. ONE. Since there is only ONE moving part, there is a LOT less to fail.

Everest. Ice Vending that’s simple. Easy. Revolutionary.


We know you don’t like the car buying experience so we make virtually all of our features standard.

Standard Features of The Everest VX Series

  • Water Vending
  • Water Filtration
  • LED Lighting
  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Bulk AND Bag Vending

What Makes Everest Different

Both Bulk Or Bag Ice Vending

Bulk or direct vend ice that’s dispensed directly into the cooler is what made Ice Vending popular to begin with. If you don’t offer your customers a choice like an Everest machine does, you can lose HALF of your customers. That’s a lot of lost sales!

Cold Fusion color logo

Energy Recycling

At Everest, we offer our very own proprietary, energy-recycling component Cold Fusion that supercharges your ice maker. This means more ice from less electricity, extending the life of the ice maker.

Ice Shield Ozone Disinfection Logo

Safest And Most Sanitary Ice

Everest’s proprietary Safe Ice system uses Ozone to disinfect the ENTIRE ice path, from the ice maker all the way into the bag or cooler killing virus, bacteria, mold and mildew. Ozone is 3,000 times more effective than chlorine and leaves zero residue, ensuring your ice is the safest and cleanest ice in Ice Vending.

Jugs of Water

Water Vending Included

Buying a machine without water vending is like throwing money away. Why filter water but not sell it? Water Vending allows you to have TWO revenue streams. And we include it for FREE!

Protected Ice Maker

Other companies install your ice maker on the roof! That’s the most expensive component in your machine exposed to the elements, damage, and theft. Everest protects your investment by installing it on the inside of the machine.

Simple Installation

At just 20 square feet, you can install an Everest machine anywhere. Up against a building or out in a parking lot. At 8 feet tall it will get noticed. Plus our machines require only one power supply, making them simple to install. This saves you thousands of dollars on your machine install.

Quality Engineering

Everest machines hold up against the test of time by being built with stainless steel and every inch of the metal frame is powder coated. This makes our machines incredibly resistant to corrosion and rust and helps reduce the risk of break-ins.

Save up to $1,000 / Year

Everest Charges No Mandatory fees

Most Ice Vending companies will charge you all sorts of ridiculous fees, from maintenance fees, to franchise to licensing fees. It’s all an excuse to charge you more. Sometimes up to $1000 a year. If you don’t pay their fees, you won’t be able to speak with their service department. You’ll never pay to speak with Everest’s Service Team. Ever.

Everest Vs The Competition

At Everest, we know our machine is better than the competition, and we can prove it. There are many reasons that our machine is the best for your new business, but here’s just a few.

Scroll table to the right

Dispensing SystemOne Moving PartLess to break. No maintenance. Ease of use.Multiple moving parts (some have up to a dozen)Multiple points of failure. Difficult to maintain. More cost. More labor.
Ice ProductionCold FusionMake up to 100,00 pounds more ice using the same electricity.
More Ice = More Profit
Not availableMakes less ice. Less profit.
Cold Fusion,
Ice Shield,
All Seasons Package.
Everest invests in technology to make your machine better. Remote software updates mean your machine always stays up-to-date.Not availableYour machine is out dated the moment you buy it.
Footprint20 Square Feet.Can be installed virtually anywhere. Makes finding a location easy.Much larger machines.Require complicated installation. 
More space = more rent & harder to find location.
Standard FeaturesWater Vending.
5-Stage filtration.
LED Lighting.
Credit Card.
Bulk Vending.
We don’t charge extra for the machine you need.All options cost extra.You pay more for the machine you need.
PortabilityOur machine can be moved by one person.Find a better location? Move your machine easily.Larger footprint machines. Custom concrete pad.Once your machine is installed, you’re unlikely to ever move it.
SafetyEverest Ice Shield disinfects the entire ice pathMakes your ice the safest in the ice vending industry. Constantly cleans ice maker.Not availableYou’re required to clean your ice maker regularly. Ice isn’t disinfected.
Ice Maker ProtectionIce-maker installed in the cabinet, under lock and keyMost expensive component is shielded from heat, cold, vandalism, theft and the elements.Ice maker typically installed on the roof, covered with canvas.Ice maker is exposed to heat, cold, vandalism, theft and the elements.
Ease of InstallationOur machines are delivered on a liftgate. Easy connect utilities.Easy installation. Have your machine making ice on the delivery day.Ice maker shipped separately from machine. Larger machines, 3-phase power or complicated utility connections.Larger machines require a forklift, a boom truck or crane. You’re required to install the ice maker in the parking lot. 3-phase power is expensive.
No FeesEverest charges no fees or royalties and has no expensive maintenance contracts.The engineering of the Everest units means there’s no need to charge expensive maintenance or support fees. In fact our dispensing system requires zero maintenance whatsoever. Fewer operating costs mean more profit for you.Most other machine options are either a franchise (with franchise fees, royalties, etc.) or charge annual fees for things like licensing, support, and maintenance.These fees exist so that these companies can offset the costs associated with assisting their customers in the maintenance and service needs of these more complex and cumbersome designs.

Get More Information And Pricing

If you would like to see EXACTLY how an Everest machine stacks up against a specific manufacturer, model, or machine, we’re happy to help. Just reach out to us and one of our specialists will get you that information.