A chef preparing food
A chef preparing food

The food service never slows down. Neither do we.

Ice and water are both valuable commodities in the foodservice industry. An outdated ice and water machine is just not going to cut it. Make sure you have the ice and water you need at all times when you need it, with the always-on Everest Summit.

Imagine what an Everest machine
can do for your business.

There are so many ways that you can use the Everest machine in the foodservice. Place it outside your building to use the machine for your own kitchen while also making a profit.

Rent out a space nearby a food truck venue or put it in front of your food truck.

Put the machine in front of your restaurant if you own a busy street corner.

Group walking into a restaurant

Use the machine to create fresh ice that you can use in your kitchen, and also make a profit with the machine by placing it outside your building.

Water putting ice in a glass

Benefits to Everest

Out of Stock? Problem Solved.

Waiting for delivery trucks to restock your inventory is a pain, and supply chain issues coupled with growing delivery fees can have a big effects on your profits. Instead of waiting on someone else, make your ice on-site with an Everest machine.

More features. No extra fees.

Everest Ice & Water vending machines come standard with must-have features like credit card readers and water vending, and we won’t charge you extra for add-ons you don’t need.

Less down time, less maintenance.

Our free Everest University program ensures that you have the knowledge you need to take care of your machine, and if something goes wrong, our world-class service team is there to back you up, no matter what issues my arise!