Our devotion to manufacturing and design is second to none. With the goal of producing the most innovative machine options in the industry, we have invested and continue to invest heavily in our design, our staff, and our vendor relationships. 

Quality Assurance

All VX machines manufactured by Everest receive a multiple day, 79 point quality assurance test. Each machine is reviewed by a minimum of three separate people to make sure our equipment adheres to the highest quality standards. Furthermore, our machines have been independently certified by the National Automated Merchandising Association (NAMA). 

Made in the USA

Everest is proud to be a company that manufactures its products in the United States. We believe in preserving the quality of our machines and we fully stand by our products.  


We have partners and vendors that share the same quality standards that we adhere to. Below are some of the industry-leading companies that we have developed relationships with. These companies have been tested time and time again by some of the largest foodservice franchises in the industry (McDonalds, 7Eleven, Dunkin, Burger King, Circle K, etc.).