About our Partner in Manufacturing

Everest Ice and Water Systems has partnered with New York-based Mercury Corporation, continuing Everest’s proud tradition of manufacturing their ice vending machines in the USA.  Mercury has over 90 years of experience in manufacturing various types of technologies, including bank ATM’s, vending kiosks, military, aerospace and energy solutions, making them a perfect partner for Everest’s automated ice and water vending machines. Everest machines are the ONLY to be built in an ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing facility. Utilizing our Total Quality Management (TQM) Standards, ISO 9001 Continuous Improvement protocols along with the latest tools and technology we are able to support high-end production and tight tolerances.


In partnering with Mercury to produce its ice vending machines, Everest is not only keeping its manufacturing in the USA – we’re working with experts to ensure our machines are the most well engineered and  quality built Ice Vending machines available today. With over 1.5 million sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities in New York, subsidiaries in Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Mexico, Alliance partnerships in Europe and Asia, and a wide range of experience in high value product design and manufacturing, makes Everest far and above the largest and most qualified Ice Vending Machine manufacturer – period.


In its over 90 years of experience, Mercury has worked with such giants as Kodak and IBM, which has helped them to develop expertise in multiple areas of manufacturing. Everest now has the capability to produce 10, 20 or 200+ units simultaneously and sets us apart from ALL other Ice Vending Manufacturers that will only build you a machine, as soon as you write them a check! As all ice vending machines require integrated technology and operating systems in addition to a sturdy shell to withstand harsh weather and potential vandalism or theft, Everest has the expertise and experience to meet these unique demands. We are confident that our ice and water vending machines will continue meet our customer’s demanding requirements in all of these categories, and more.


The Everest VX Machines Are Changing the Ice Vending Industry

Through patented technology, the Everest VX machines far outperform their competitors. The small footprint, combined with a large production and capacity, puts the Everest VX machines at the top of their class. Learn more about what makes the Everest VX machines stand out by clicking the button below.

Everest Service and Support


Everest Ice and Water Vending Machines come with a three-level approach to service and support.  It starts with a simplified design, continues through the education Everest provides its customers, and comes full circle with our 24/7 Service and Support Line.