Commercial Ice Vending Machines for Foodservice

Ice and water are both valuable commodities in the foodservice industry, so an outdated ice and water machine is just not going to cut it. That’s where our commercial ice vending machines for foodservice come into play. Not only do they create fresh ice that you can use in your kitchen, but water vending comes standard with all our machines. Thanks to our brilliant design, this machine rarely has operation issues, making it much more reliable than your standard restaurant ice machine.

Something important to consider with these commercial ice vending machines for restaurants and food trucks, though, is that you can make a profit with them. These are machines you simply put in front of your building or truck. You place them outside so others can buy fresh ice or water from them. If you own a restaurant on a busy street corner, anyone passing by who needs ice will see your machine and stop by to buy some.

For food trucks, this can be even more profitable. Food trucks are often parked in locations where many of them can sit next to each other. Renting out a space nearby to place one of these machines is a great way to make some money off your competitors. Whenever they have issues with their machines or run out of ice, they can quickly run to your nearby ice machine to buy more without having to shut down their truck. Plus, it’ll be there for you if you ever need it.

The options for your commercial ice vending machine for foodservice are endless. If this sounds like the perfect way to earn some extra cash for your business, be sure to reach out to us through our sales phone number or contact page. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and get you started on the process of owning your own ice and water vending machine.