Upgrade Your Commercial Ice Vending Machine

Everest offers technology that no other manufacturer has.
Make your machine BETTER. faster. Stronger.

Standard feature

Supercharge your icemaker!

Cold Fusion, Everest’s proprietary and patented technology​​, upgrades your machine to be the best commercial ice maker available. Instead of excess chilled water being dumped down the drain like our competitors, our technology recycles that water to be used to chill incoming warm water which creates more ice, using less electricity and extending the life of the ice maker. With Everest’s Cold Fusion upgrade, make up to 100,000 pounds more ice a year, without using any additional electricity!

How Does Cold Fusion Work?

What Are The Benefits?

Up to 30% more ice created every day*
Electrical savings of up to 30%
Create up to an 100,000 lbs. more ice every year**

** Increased production and reduced power usage is based on an ice-maker equipped with Everest Cold Fusion component vs. an identical ice-makers without
**100,000 pounds more ice per year based on 1,800 pound/day ice-maker

Standard feature

Safest and Most Sanitary Ice In Ice Vending

Are you worried about mold in your ice machine? Everest’s proprietary Safe Ice system uses Ozone to disinfect the ENTIRE ice path, from the ice maker all the way into the bag or cooler, to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Ozone is 3,000 times more effective than chlorine and leaves zero residue, ensuring your ice is safe and clean, virtually eliminating time consuming ice maker cleaning.  

Benefits of Ice Shield

  • Proven Safe And Effective
  • Kills Virus, Bacteria, Mold, Mildew, & Slime
  • 100% Chemical-Free
  • Disinfects The Entire Ice Path
  • No Odor And Improves Taste
  • 3,000x More Effective Than Chlorine

Clean, sanitary ice with virtually no maintenance.

By preventing mold, algae, and bio-film, Ice Shield extends the life of the ice maker as well as virtually eliminating the cleaning and maintenance typically required by all other vending machines.

Two Months
No Ice Shield

Two Months
With Ice Shield

How Does Ice Shield Work?

Ice Shield disinfects the entire ice path from water supply, through the ice maker, the ice dispenser, the ice chute, and even keeps sanitizing after being dispensed into the customer’s cooler or ice bag.

Standard feature

Make Money All Year Long

With Everest, regardless of in what climate your commercial ice vending machine is located, our equipment is made to provide ice in almost any season. Unlike our competitors, who use only spray-in insulation, Everest’s All Season Insulation Package option uses superior industrial-grade, solid foam-core insulation that are installed in the walls and ceiling. This provides effective protection to your investment and makes sure you have the best commercial ice machine functionality all year long. With the Everest All Season Insulation Package option, Everest has all of your weather problems covered.

What Are The Benefits?

Thick, industrial-grade foam insulation on all interior walls and ceiling
Internal 220V outlet for use with commercial heaters
With Everest’s All Season Insulation Package, you can make money all year long!
Everest Optional Upgrade

Stand out from your competition

Have a retail location already or starting your own ice vending business? Our custom branding package allows you to work with one of our in-house designers to create your own logo and brand, or use your business’s existing one to customize the look and feel of your Everest Summit Series Machine.  Everest is the only ice vending company in the industry that allows for complete customization for YOUR machine. Stand out. And build YOUR brand, not someone else’s.

Everest Optional Upgrade

Bill and Coin Collector

Customers can easily enhance their ice vending machine by adding a bill and coin collector for more payment options.