November 29, 2021

Part of the Great Resignation? Ice vending may be the answer

If you’ve found yourself wondering why you’re in the 9-to-5 rat race, if you’ve become fed up with a job you never really loved and aren’t willing to do it just for a paycheck anymore, or if you’re gazing at greener pastures, you are in very good company. It has been called The Great Resignation, and it is a phenomenon that economists have never before seen in this country.

They started noticing it in April 2021, when the Department of Labor reported 4 million people quit their jobs. In May, 3.6 million walked out the door. More than 3.9 million followed suit in June. July, 4 million. August saw 4.3 million people giving their two-week notices, the highest number since the government has been keeping track of such things. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce called it a “national economic emergency.”

What’s behind this? Why is everyone quitting their jobs all of a sudden?

It has everything to do with the pandemic. All of us have lived through a very frightening time. Many people were laid off. Whole industries shut down, and for those that didn’t, employees migrated to a work-from-home model. Kids were pulled out of school. Most, if not all, aspects of “normal” life changed in the blink of an eye.

As a result of this, people began to take stock of their lives. Did they really want to work at that dead-end job just for a paycheck? Was it worth it in the long run? For 20 million Americans, that answer was a resounding “no.” They wanted more out of life. A better work-life balance. More meaning. They wanted the flexibility to be able to take care of their children and elders. They wanted more time to do what they wanted to do. And they didn’t want to come back to the office.

If that sounds like you, if you’ve left your job, or are contemplating leaving it, you’ll need a plan for income. We’d like you to consider ice vending as your next step toward a better, more meaningful life.

Why ice vending should be your next chapter

Ice vending is a unique business model that is a perfect fit for people getting out of the rat race. Here are a few reasons why.

Time. If you’re looking for more time to pursue your passions but you still need income (and who doesn’t?) ice vending is a great option. After the initial setup, you’re good to go. Unlike other vending businesses, you’re not constantly refilling an ice machine. It does that work for you. Your days are your own. So, start that Great American Novel. You’ll have the time to do it.

Passive income. Going hand in hand with getting most of your day back, you’ll get passive income from the ice vending business. You do little to nothing, and you’re earning income, even while you sleep.

Nobody looking over your shoulder. If you’re fed up with your demanding boss, this is the business for you. It’s entrepreneurial. You’re your own boss.

No employees. For someone who has never owned a business before, this part of it is a great relief. You’ll have none of the trappings that come with employees — paying wages, dealing with taxes, benefits, managing people.

Low capital investment. Unlike buying a franchise, you can get into ice vending for a relatively low upfront cost. And we offer financing. In other words, you don’t already have to be successful in business to get into ice vending. It’s accessible for regular people and easy to get into.

Incredible ROI. Say you decide to take the plunge. How long will it take you to recoup your investment? Use our ROI calculator! It can vary, but a rule of thumb to go by is less than a year.

Great growth potential. Ice vending is an $835 million industry in the U.S., and it’s growing rapidly, by approximately 35% annually. Start with one machine and scale up!

Contact us to find out more about how easy it is to get into ice vending, and how much time you’ll have to pursue your dreams as a result.

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