February 20, 2023

3 Weekly Tasks of a Successful Ice Vending Machine Owner

3 Weekly Tasks of a Successful Ice Vending Machine Owner

Have you decided to get into the ice and water vending business? That’s great to hear. We know you’ll love our specialized water and ice vending machines. However, we’re sure you’re wondering what your responsibilities will be for maintaining your machine. That’s why we’re here to cover the regular weekly tasks any successful ice vending machine owner should do. Following these tips will help maximize your profits and extend the life of your machine.

Monitor Things Remotely

The best part about these machines is that you can monitor many of their processes from your phone. You can easily check to see how much money you’ve made, how many people have used your machine, and if there are any internal failures. Make a habit of checking in at least once a week to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Check the Machine In-Person

While the remote program is great for quickly learning important information regarding your machine, you should also check in on it about once a week. If you set it up in a location you visit frequently, this won’t be a problem.

As detailed as Basecamp, our online remote monitoring system, is it can’t tell you everything. As with any business, the owner should check on their location regularly to ensure that the machine and the area around it are clean and all equipment is operating properly

If your machine has a cash option, you’ll also want to visit regularly to collect the money. All our ice and water vending machines come with built-in card readers. However, you can upgrade your new machine to accept both cash and coin if you desire.

Advertise Ice and Water Online

Finally, the last thing successful ice vending machine owners should do weekly is advertise their product. While we’re sure you found the perfect spot for your machine, you’ll still be limited to the people who walk or drive past it and happen to notice it. These days, most people check the internet to find whatever they’re looking for. If someone needs water or ice, they’ll type it into a search engine to see what’s nearby.

Therefore, if you don’t get your machine’s location online, people won’t be able to find you. Once you set this up, you won’t need to do it again. However, you should consider posting about your service on social media regularly, as this is another great marketing channel sure to boost sales. As you can tell by now, there’s not a whole lot you’ll need to do to take care of your new ice and water vending machine. As long as you keep up with these few tasks, your machine will remain a worthwhile investment.

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