October 10, 2022

How To Ship An Ice Vending Machine Across the Country

We live in a world where we can get almost anything we want or need with the click of a button – and that item, like magic, is delivered to our doorsteps. It’s incredible – it saves you tons of time, energy, and responsibility over the transportation and handling of your purchase. 

It might be easy to imagine the journey your lunch, new outfit, or household necessity went on before it was delivered to you. However, it’s probably a little more difficult to imagine what it takes to ship a 1,600-lb, 20-square-foot, 8-foot tall ice and water vending machine. Everest is here to make the process as easy and hassle-free for you as we possibly can. Here’s how: 

Custom-built Crating

This is your future business, and we do everything we can to ensure it is delivered safely, securely, and without damage. We have worked continuously to improve the way we prepare your machine for shipping. We have designed a protective shipping crate that uses the perfect combination of wood, foam and custom guards to make sure your new machine is delivered safely, and to minimize the possibility of damage. 

Everest has partnered with well-known, expert shipping companies such as AAA Cooper, SAIA, and FedEx that deliver freight every day. While other companies charge $3,000-$4,000 for vending machine shipping on the back of their company trailer, Everest has cut that cost down drastically by using companies that do this for a living.

The Responsibility is Ours

Our crating method significantly reduces the possibility of damage during shipping to the point where it is extremely rare. Still though, shipping a large machine cross country can be complicated – even when you use the experts. While incredibly unlikely, damage is still possible. 

The good news? With Everest on your side, you don’t have to worry about anything – we handle the entire process, ensuring that in the unlikely event something doesn’t go as planned, you will know it’s being handled quickly and professionally. It’s about more than the gas, equipment, and effort that it takes to ship vending machines – it’s about the security in knowing that Everest will take on the responsibility of making sure your new equipment is delivered with the utmost care. 

Detail-Oriented Preparation

We take several steps beforehand to ensure the delivery will go as simply and smoothly as possible. The driver will call you and set up an appointment window, allowing the delivery to happen around your schedule. 

All our competitors require you to rent a forklift, boom truck, or crane and provide an experienced operator to get the machine from the trailer to the install location. We deliver Everest machines on trucks with lift gates to unload the machines right to the installation site. No need for expensive and complicated equipment. You simply use the provided pallet jack to transfer the machine from the lift gate to its final installation position, saving you time, money, and hassle. 

From the moment we prepare your machine for shipping to the moment it’s delivered, we take every step we can to protect your business and make your life easier. Let us handle the hard stuff, and save yourself the time, energy, equipment, and liability – and rest easy knowing that Everest is taking care of you AND your machine. Every step of the way. 

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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