January 4, 2023

Spring into Action: Start Your Own Business Now

With spring – and soon after, summer – comes warm weather, and that means a massive increase in demand for packaged ice and filtered water. This is the busiest season for ice vending, and it’s going to start soon – and there’s no better time to get your ice business going.

The ice vending industry is growing by approximately 35% annually, and more people than ever are looking to become their own boss. In a rapidly-expanding, billion-dollar industry, and with entrepreneurship soaring, now is the best time to get your ice and water vending business started. Here’s why you should buy your machine NOW so you’re ready for the peak season:

Get in the beginning of the line

As soon as spring hits, everyone who wants to start their ice vending business for the peak season places an order. This surge places a strain on an already difficult supply chain. As the orders stack up, lead times get longer. Smart business owners place their orders when demand is lower, so they aren’t waiting with the rest of the crowd. Avoid the lines, avoid the crowd, and get started now. 

Faster ROI results

Getting started during the busiest time of year for ice sales means you’re going to see higher profits right off the bat, leading to a faster return on your investment. A typical location will pay for itself in one to two years – even less for busy locations – so start your business off strong with immediate results. Take a look at our robust ROI calculator to see how much you can earn with an Everest machine here


Because of the warmer weather, you will have time to get accustomed to your machine and get your business organized, giving you plenty of planning time to prepare for those colder months down the line. Or, save yourself the hassle entirely with Everest’s All Season Insulation Package, which will protect your investment year-round. 

Location availability

As the weather gets nicer, it also opens up plenty of prime location opportunities for ice vending machine owners – such as camping areas, parks, marinas, and other locations that will become busier during the season.

The weather isn’t the only factor to take into consideration. The pandemic has created challenges for businesses across every industry. When you choose ice and water vending with Everest, you’re protecting yourself from those complications – because we offer a safer, more sanitary experience for your customers, too.


Right now, there is a massive shift happening in the U.S. workforce. While people may be resigning in record numbers, entrepreneurship is soaring – 4.3 million new businesses started up in 2020 alone; a surprising surge after decades of decline in entrepreneurship across the U.S. The ice vending industry is two decades old and continues to expand – so it’s a low-risk, high-reward opportunity. Learn more about the Great Resignation here and why it’s time for you to become your own boss. 

COVID-immune business

Despite COVID-19, you can rest assured knowing your business provides a simple, sanitary, and socially-distanced option for your customers. The old method of buying ice requires the customer to enter a store and buy a bag of ice that several other people have handled. With an Everest VX, your customer is the first and only person to handle their ice. Plus, with no employees or reliance on a supply chain, your profits won’t be affected by the widespread challenges from the pandemic. 

Don’t let the perfect time slip away. Make sure you’re prepared to start earning some serious passive income without sacrificing your time this spring. The faster you get your machine, the faster you will start earning profit – so spring into action!

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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