February 17, 2023

How To Increase the Value of Your Ice Vending Business

How To Increase the Value of Your Ice Vending Business

Owning an ice and water vending business is a great way to earn money. Despite how lucrative this line of work can be, it’s possible to make it even better. If you’re searching for new ways to increase the value of your ice vending business, look no further than this guide. In it, we show you some great tips that’ll help you maximize your profits with little to no additional effort on your end.

Expand Your Network

If you already have an ice vending machine and have made a good amount of profit from it, the best way to increase your business’s value is to expand your network of machines. One vending machine is great, but multiple will exponentially increase your monetary output.

The problem with having more ice vending machines is that you’d have to pay the manufacturers more money for each machine you own. This can really eat into your profits, which is why those looking for a commercial ice vending machine for sale should see what we have to offer. After you buy an ice and water machine from us, we don’t get any more of your money. All your profits are yours, significantly increasing the value of your expanded network.

Market Your Machines

Now that you have a larger network of machines, you need to make sure people know where to find them. You likely found some populated spots to set them up. However, that doesn’t mean people will notice them or be able to find them when they need water or ice in bulk.

Putting up signs can help draw the attention of those in the area. But most people look to the internet when searching for a place that can dispense water and ice. If you haven’t listed your machines online, you’re likely missing out on tons of sales.

Making sure they show up on Google Maps and other business location finders will help increase traffic to your machine. This is where having a network of machines will come in handy. Having multiple options will increase the chances that your machine is the closest option to those who need a lot of water or ice in a hurry.

Create a Brand

If you want to increase the likelihood of people coming back to your ice and water vending machines in the future, you should create a brand for your business. This will help people remember your machines the next time they need water or ice, as well as create brand loyalty.

With a recognizable brand, people will notice your machines from a distance and find them more easily when searching online. If you get one of our machines, we can put your brand image on the front of it for you, which will help it look much more official.

Make the Buying Process Simple

Of course, getting people to one of your machines is only part of it. Once they get there, the process of buying ice or water needs to be fast and simple. First off, your machine should be easy to find and access. If it’s hidden away, people will get frustrated and leave.

Next, checking out and filling the bag, bottle, or container shouldn’t take long. Having a card reader will make the purchase process very easy, and having a quick machine with few moving parts will streamline the entire thing. These are things our vending machines excel at.

Solve Issues Right Away

In the rare instances that a problem in this process occurs, you need to make sure that you solve the issue for the customer right away. Whether the ice or water isn’t dispensing or the machine won’t read their credit card, you must ensure they can contact you. Posting your phone number on the machine is the best way to do this.

Once you know of the issue, you need to make it your top priority to fix it. Since you’ve put your business online, people can leave reviews of your machines, and bad ones can seriously hurt your profit margins. Any good business will excel when they focus on keeping customers happy.

Keep the Machine in Good Condition

Unfortunately, one thing that can really hurt your vending business is a damaged machine. If the internal components have broken down, this will immediately stop the revenue of that machine. You will likely fix these issues immediately.

What we’re referring to is the external appearance of your machine. Vandalism and bad weather can wear down any good-looking vending machine over time. If yours looks like it might be broken down or hasn’t received any updates in a while, people might assume it doesn’t work. No one wants to waste money on a vending machine that doesn’t work, so keeping yours in good condition is essential.

Tidy Up Around Your Locations

This idea applies to the space around your machine as well. A dirty or destroyed location can turn people away from your machine. If you own the property that the machine sits on, this will be an easy fix. Most likely, though, you rent the space that your ice and water vending machine occupies.

That means you’ll need to convince the owner to clean it up a bit. Depending on who they are, this might be easier said than done. The best way to convince them is to explain how a nicer-looking exterior will also increase the business of their shop. If all else fails, you could threaten to move your machine to a better location. The thought of losing the space rental money they receive from you could convince them to do something about the issue.

Update the Machine When Necessary

The final way you can increase the value of your ice vending business is to upgrade your machines when necessary. Most people only upgrade parts when the old ones have broken down. This is the more cost-effective option, but it means your machine could have provided much more value during that time if you made the upgrade sooner.

There are so many upgrades that you can make to a standard ice and water vending machine to improve the quality of the water and reduce the machine’s energy use. These improvements can greatly boost your business, especially if you advertise them online. Anything that can give you an edge over competitors will help your small vending business flourish.

How To Increase the Value of Your Ice Vending Business
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