January 21, 2022

Reaching Out to the Community

At Everest, life is about more than business – it’s about your family, your friends, and your community. We work tirelessly to ensure our machines are so efficient that you can earn a truly passive income, allowing you to have more time with the people that matter most. That’s why we created Everest Cares – a branch of our company where we can give back to our local community.

Just before the holidays began in 2021, Melinda Garcia, a teacher from a nearby elementary school in a low-income neighborhood, was inspired to reach out to local businesses. She was looking for help in making some of the families’ holidays a little brighter through any donations – but especially for the upcoming holiday meals. When Mrs. Garcia approached Everest, we were immediately eager to team up. 

“The mission here at Polk County is to ensure rigorous, relevant learning experiences that result in high achievement for our students,” Mrs. Garcia said. “We are surrounded by curious, energetic students who may secretly be suffering. Many of our student families are struggling financially, and therefore have a difficult time making sure there is food on the table.”

North Lakeland Elementary is a school of 600+ students located in a low-income neighborhood in Polk County, just an hour away from Everest Ice and Water Systems headquarters in central Florida. The Everest team came together to assemble fourteen gift baskets for donation – two for each grade level. The baskets were filled with an assortment of non-perishable foods, as well as grocery store gift cards, for the school to distribute to those families in most need for the upcoming holidays.

“Here at Everest, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the community,” Gilbert Ramirez Jr., Everest Marketing Manager, said. “When we were approached by Mrs. Garcia, it was an easy decision. It was a great experience for our team to bond, as well as help the community out. At Everest, we are here not only to help our customers but to help the entire community grow.”

We at Everest are very excited about the many ways we can, and will continue to, help our community in the future – so don’t forget to stay up-to-date with what we’re doing, as well as stay informed about the ice vending industry by checking out our blog or stopping by our YouTube channel to learn more about our company. 

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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