March 22, 2023

World Water Day: Expand Safe Water to your Community With Water Vending

Drinking clean, safe water is essential to life. Needless to say, many of us don’t even give a second thought to the water we drink. Currently, a significant number of people in the US are consuming unsafe water, with an estimated 21 million affected. On World Water Day, everyone is encouraged to focus on expediting change to resolve the water and sanitation crisis. One way someone can help improve safe water accessibility for the community is by investing in a water vending machine as an alternative water supply.

Enhanced water supply and sanitation, and better management of water resources, don’t just only promote economic growth, but, it makes it easier for communities to gain access to clean drinking water.

Furthermore, water holds vast value. There are numerous ways a water vending machine can help promote clean water accessibility from one community to another. 

Educating Safe Water & Usage to the Public

To start off, water is not a commodity that’s rightly valued in this country. According to a new study, between 9 million and 45 million Americans get their drinking water from a source that was in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. 

As a result, many communities are uninformed about the challenges of water systems and how it can contribute to contaminated water. However, with a water vending machine business, you can help share information about water safety and cleanliness with your community.

Ensuring people that your water vending machine provides sanitary and fresh water can lead them to your business. For instance, you can utilize your social media platforms being used for your water vending business to educate others about how crucial clean water is and promote your safe sanitary water products.

Sustainable Water-Business Operations

Additionally, how you structure your water vending business operations also plays an important role in safe water access to your community. A water vending machine that offers clean equipment and is low-maintenance, offers your community effortless access to getting your sanitary water products. 

Simultaneously, ensuring sustainability with your water business can encourage clean water products and efficiency with real cost savings for both you and the community. 

It’s also been noted that sustainable operations of water resources and access to safe water and sanitation are essential for unlocking economic growth with 87% of consumers buying a product with a social and environmental benefit when given the opportunity. On top of that, your overall sales revenue can increase up to 20% due to your sustainable business practices. 

For instance, water vending machines with eco-friendly alternatives that limit plastic bag use such as bulk vending are a step toward sustainability. Moreover, with the right smart technology placed into your machine, you can also avoid wasting excess gallons of valuable water and electricity with energy-efficient powered machines and advanced water purification systems. 

Applying Water Purification Systems to Improve Water Quality

Throughout the U.S., drinkable water holds many chemicals, pesticides, and harmful bacteria that are contributing to serious health issues such as cancer, infertility, and other problematic conditions.

Environmental conditions such as climate change, severe weather, and flooding threaten aging infrastructure pipes which can lead to water contamination. To add on, it’s become inevitable that the lack of funds by local and state governments to restore old water systems has led these pipes to become more vulnerable to these severe environmental weather conditions.

Without the proper systems in place for water sanitation, contamination between water sources can pose a real problem for communities. With that being said, having a high-quality water purification system in place for your water vending machine will effectively remove any harsh chemicals and bacteria from the water. 

There are various water-purifying technology options that offer different treatment processes in a water vending machine including:

  • Ozone
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection
  • Deionization
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Everpure’s Five-Stage Ultra Filtration System

Access to clean drinking water is such an important factor in community health. But for water vending machines to provide access to clean drinking water for the whole community, they should have a great filtration system and provide sustainability efforts. At Everest, we provide great sustainability efforts with the most advanced filtration technologies in the water vending market for fresh clean water. 

Instead of using Reverse Osmosis, which wastes between 3 to 4 gallons of water for every gallon it treats, our water vending machines use a five-stage water treatment process from Everpure (famously used for Mcdonald’s fresh-tasting drinks). This allows you to bring pure and tasting water that’s free of chemicals and contaminants to your community. 
Our sustainable operating water vending machines provide the smallest footprint than any other water vending business equipment. Furthermore, communities have a choice to utilize reusable water jugs to refill with clean water. With Everest’s ice and water vending machines, you expect little to no worries about your filtered ice and water traveling through a high-emission supply chain to reach your communities.

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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