September 21, 2023

Winterization: Tips To Prepare For The Cold Weather

Whether you felt the cool fall breeze or not, it is that time of year again. Time to prepare your ice vending machine for the winter. Ideally, it is recommended to move your ice machine indoors to avoid potential damage from the extreme change in temperatures. However, if moving your machine indoors is not an option, then you can winterize it. The process of winterization is not a hard or complicated routine at all. This article goes over the steps to accomplish this task.

At Everest Ice and Water Systems, there is actually a Scotsman winterization procedure that is located in the Scotsman Technical Service Manual for those with Everest ice machines. But the process is generally the same for most ice vending machines.

Cleaning the Exterior of the Machine

To begin this procedure, you should clean the exterior of the machine with a mild detergent. This should already be done regularly as part of your regular maintenance routine. All you need is household unscented bleach, mild household detergent, a sanitary bucket, and a soft bristle brush (preferably with a handle that extends). 

With mild detergent, wash the ice output chute along with the door, the water housing and chute, and the ice catch tray. Make sure to check and inspect the tray pan for any mold, dirt, or debris. Remove the stainless-steel grate and clean thoroughly if necessary. Then go ahead and rinse all washed areas thoroughly and spray all washed components with the sanitizing solution.

Cleaning the Interior of the Machine

To prepare to clean the interior of the machine, open the left door and pull the water wash down hose from inside the machine. Fill the dispensing reservoir with unscented household bleach for preparation of sanitizing solution. For dispensing the sanitizing solution, turn the selector to “One Tablespoon.” And for fresh water, turn the selector to “OFF.”

You will then sanitize the water lines, fittings, and filters. After that, clean and sanitize the barrel and saddle, ice chute, floor plan, and ice maker. For detailed instructions, refer to your machine’s operating manual. 

The Winterization Process

Once you’re done with cleaning, go ahead and turn off the water supply. You will then open the wash-down hose valve and remove the washdown sprayer head to drain the washdown hose. Remove all Everpure filters and canisters. Disconnect the hose going into the filter manifold and drain water from the hose. 

On the left-hand wall of the machine, after the four stage filter header, remove and empty the Ozone Cartridge of any water. Open the valves in the back of the machine that will drain water from the Chilltech Unit (if installed in your machine) and from the Scotsman Cuber. To drain the line feeding the UV canister, remove the compression nut from the UV canister. Disassemble the UV assembly and store the bulb and sleeve in a safe place. Then you can power down the machine.
Need assistance with preparing your machine for the winter? Contact our service and support team! The phone number is located at the top of our website. Everest believes in providing premium support whenever customers are in need. Happy Winter!

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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