May 2, 2023

5 Effective Print Marketing Tips For Ice Vending Business

Good print marketing is a vital key to the success of any business. Print marketing is a form of advertising that uses printed media such as brochures, banners, business cards, billboards, and flyers. In a recent report, 82% of consumers trust print advertisements the most when making a purchase decision. This is true with ice vending businesses. One of the benefits of owning an ice vending machine is that you can utilize the space on your machine to advertise your business and promote what makes your ice vending machine unique. Unsure of where to start with your print marketing materials for your ice vending business? Look no further, we made it easy for you! Here are 5 effective print marketing tips that will ensure promising results for your ice vending business:

Keep it straightforward

Your messaging should be concise and to the point. Use bold, easy-to-read fonts and limit the amount of text you include. 

Focus on benefits

Highlight the benefits of your product or service rather than just its features. For example, emphasize the benefits of how the ice or water from your vending machine is one of the purest and great tasting products that customers will need and trust to power through their day.

Use eye-catching graphics 

The more people who see your advertisement the more they become aware of it. In fact, customers are more likely to notice and remember visuals than text alone.  Use high-quality, eye-catching graphics that grab attention and convey your brand’s message. Additionally, using a coherent color scheme and brand vision can solidify your business. For instance, having your text contrast with the background of your design can make it pop and easy to read.

Display your branding prominently

Ensure your brand logo and name are prominently displayed on your vending machine and any printed materials. For instance, your brand logo should be memorable to your customers, simple, and versatile to be flexible enough to work with other applications and mediums. As a result, this helps to build brand recognition and establish trust with consumers.

Offer promotions or discounts

Consider offering promotions or discounts on your ice vending products to entice customers to try them. In a study, 75% of respondents said receiving personal mail or coupons makes them feel special. Printing coupons or special offers for your ice vending business can promote your products and make them stand out to customers.  Print marketing is proven to be one of the most beneficial ways to grab more attention to your business. According to a market study, print advertising offers a 112% ROI which is higher than email, social media, paid search, and digital displays.  In fact, it can also build brand credibility and bring longevity to your business without spending more money on new ads. At Everest, when you buy an ice and water vending machine you also have the advantage of choosing us to custom create your print marketing materials for your ice vending business.  Our custom branding package allows you to work with one of our graphic design professionals to provide you with the premium print marketing materials you need to establish your brand while allowing you full customization on your graphics. 

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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