June 2, 2023

How the Weather Influences Ice Vending Sales

How the Weather Influences Ice Vending Sales

One universal thing that affects almost every company with a physical location is the weather. This issue affects every business in different ways, and it’s a nearly inescapable problem.

However, changing weather doesn’t have to be something that causes you to admit defeat. By going over how weather influences ice vending sales, we hope to help you better understand the reasons why your profits might dip or rise. That way, you can prepare for when these things happen.

Overall Need

When people think of ice, they tend to think of cold drinks, snow cones, and coolers. These are all things that people most commonly have in the summer. Because of that, your sales with an ice vending machine will likely increase during the summer.

Still, that doesn’t mean sales will come to a complete standstill during the winter months. People still need ice during this time. They just might not go through it as quickly since they likely won’t drink as many cold beverages. However, if your bagged ice machine also offers water like ours, you shouldn’t see a significant dip during the winter since people need water all year.

Machine Functionality

Another way the weather can influence ice vending sales is through the way the machine functions. Typically, these machines are made to work properly at about 70°F. If things get too hot, the water will get warm, causing ice production to slow down. If it’s too cold out, the moving parts might freeze up, causing them to slow down or potentially break. Both of these problems could potentially slow down the number of sales you make.

Fortunately, our machines are well insulated and contain only one moving part, making both problems nearly non-existent. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is if the source from which you get your water pumps in warm water due to the hotter weather. This issue is something you won’t have control over if you don’t own the place where your machine operates.

General Accessibility

So far, we’ve mostly focused on changing temperatures, but what about conditions such as heavy rain or snow? Fortunately, our machines withstand attempts at vandalism and, in turn, can handle different types of impacts. That means they can also hold up against the worst that nature can throw at them.

However, blizzards or severe thunderstorms can temporarily hurt sales due to the fact that your machines won’t be accessible to most customers during that time. If people don’t feel safe leaving their homes, they won’t want to make the trip to get more ice and water. Luckily, that means you might get a boost of sales beforehand and even a potential increase afterward, once the conditions clear up.

In the end, the important thing to know is that even though weather can affect your sales, they will typically even out eventually. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about if your ever notice a slight dip in sales every now and again.

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