April 1, 2022

How to Succeed at Water Vending

Water gallons for water vending
Row of large bottles of drinking water for the cooler. Water delivery. Packed and ready to be sent to customers.

Water vending is a vast industry with a variety of machines that function and perform drastically differently from one another. Because there are so many options to choose from, it’s important for you to figure out what will be the most effective and safest option for your water vending business.

As you start your research on how to start a water vending machine business, there are several factors to consider – both positive and negative. Let’s take a look at what doesn’t work well for many water vending businesses.

Franchise fees and restrictions.

Some companies have certain rules and restrictions when it comes to leasing, renting, and even buying their equipment. For most franchises or companies with licensing fees, you end up paying just to use their name. They also may restrict the control you have over your own business based on the processes and regulations set forth by the company. This is undoubtedly going to hinder your water vending business and hold you back – not to mention cutting into your profits.

A machine that can’t go outside, made strictly for indoor use.

A drinking water vending machine that can’t go outside astronomically limits the location possibilities for your business, not to mention overall visibility.

The true convenience of a water vending machine is to not have to go inside a store – it’s best when it is available and accessible at any time of the day. It’s also far easier for someone to pull up right next to the machine and vend the water they need quickly rather than parking, entering a grocery or convenience store, finding the machine, vending it, and still having to check out at a register.

A frame made from cheap or weak material.

This is your business, so you should protect it with the best. A strong material, like the powder-coated stainless steel frames Everest offers for every VX machine, offers far greater protection – not only for the components of your machine but for any cash or coins collected inside the machine. Weaker materials are more susceptible to damage, theft, corrosion, and more.

Overpriced and wasteful reverse osmosis filtration systems.

Not only are reverse osmosis membranes incredibly expensive, but it also wastes about three to four gallons of water down the drain for every treated gallon it produces. That adds up, and it’s not very eco-friendly, either.

Because of the amount of water and energy required, it also has a very slow recovery period, meaning you could be leaving your customers waiting or angry when water is unavailable – particularly in those smaller water vending machines that don’t hold as much. When you consider alternative filtration options, it becomes quite apparent that when it comes to reverse osmosis, the benefits don’t outweigh the costs. 

A machine model that is too small or can’t keep up with production needs.

This one is going to be particularly important to watch for when it comes to machines that use reverse osmosis – if it’s too busy trying to recover after a large purchase or during peak hours, you won’t have enough product to sell, leaving customers frustrated. Smaller machines are also far less visible, which means less traffic and business overall.

Not including ice vending.

Ice vending provides your water vending business with TWO revenue streams in one platform, and it doesn’t require any additional inventory or stock to produce – it’s just water and electricity. While some water vending machines without ice vending may be cheaper, they also provide far less income and a much slower return on your investment.

Water vending is an important industry, working to reduce plastic waste while offering clean, delicious, filtered water easily and accessibly. It’s not just water vending that is increasing in popularity – ice vending is growing rapidly. Why not take advantage of both in one machine? 

If you’re investing in a business, make sure to choose a high-quality machine that will bring you success – not trouble. If you want a machine that will avoid these six costly mistakes and allow you to earn a truly passive income, contact an Everest Equipment Specialist today by clicking here.

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