March 21, 2022

Amazing Vending Machines

For years, the vending industry was all about the “4 Cs” – candy, cola, cigarettes, and coffee. However, thanks to decades of trial and error, in addition to massive digital and technological advancements, there are now so many truly incredible, innovative vending machines that combine convenience with wonder. 

Here are just six of some of the most impressive vending machines of the modern era: 

Pizza Vending Machine

Fresh Pizza Vending Machine

A vending machine that makes a pizza from scratch? You bet. Let’s Pizza created a vending machine that can cook a fresh pizza in under three minutes – and with windows for the customer to watch! There are enough fresh ingredients in the machine to make 100 pizzas when the machine is fully stocked.

As soon as the customer selects the pizza of their choice, the machine starts by preparing the dough. Once the dough is flattened, the sauce is spread, and the toppings are added, the pizza goes through a high-temperature oven. It’s finally placed in a cardboard box and vended to the customer. 

Car Vending Machine

Cars Vending Machine

Vending comes in all shapes and sizes – and if quarter gumballs are at one end of the spectrum, at the other is this vending machine made for cars. Carvana, a company that sells used vehicles online, allows customers to either have their new car delivered or picked up from one of several car vending machines throughout the country. Once the customer inserts a special token, the machine retrieves their car from the multiple-story building.

French Fry Vending Machine

French Fry Vending Machine

The original french fry vending machine, named Mr. French Fry, was originally introduced in the 1980s – however, changes to processes and ingredients would keep this at the forefront of interesting and exciting vending possibilities for decades to come.

Now there are several companies that offer french fry vending machines that can cook them in as little as 35 to 90 seconds! A portion of the frozen fries inside are dropped into a basket which lowers into the oil to rapidly fry them on a timer. Once cooked, they are dropped into a cup and dispensed – sometimes with salt packets or condiments included. 

Gold Bar Vending Machine

Gold Vending Machine

Need to purchase some gold bars easily and discreetly? No need to worry – there’s a vending machine for that. Gold To Go offers gold bars in various weights, gold and silver coins, and jewelry in exchange for the local currency or a debit or credit card. Pricing is updated every 60 seconds to reflect real-time international pricing. And it doesn’t just vend gold – it’s covered in it, too. I guess that makes it a gold vending machine in multiple ways!

Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Personalized Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Sunzee developed an automatic cotton candy machine that allows the customer to choose not only from multiple flavors, but also from multiple designs, such as flowers, hearts, and more. There are large viewing windows for the customer to watch the process once they have made their selection, often – and understandably – drawing in a crowd. The machine spins the cotton candy on a stick, stopping to shape it to the selected design, before dispensing. 

Ice and Water Vending Machine

Ice and Water

Everest didn’t invent ice vending, they perfected it. By using patented innovative technology, they revolutionized the ice vending industry and brought it into the modern era. VersaVend, the one-moving-part of an Everest VX machine, eliminates the use of outdated technology such as beater bars and augers.

That’s how, of the several hundred ice vending machines across the world, there have been more than 7 million jam-free vends – and counting. No wonder it’s the #1 fastest-selling ice and water vending machine on the market! 

Vending is an expansive and ever-growing $30 billion industry. From cool, to convenient, to just plain bizarre, vending machines provide food, entertainment, and so much more. Learn more about how you can start your own business and earn a truly passive income by checking out our blog here.

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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