December 13, 2022

Apopka Mayor Nelson Celebrates Success With Everest

On November 3rd, Everest Ice and Water Systems hosted Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson at the company’s facilities to learn more about the company and discuss shared goals about the future of manufacturing within the local community.

Nelson toured headquarters as well as production, speaking with Everest employees about their experience working with the company so far. From humble roots to a two-time honoree on the Inc. 5000, Everest still has the intimacy of a small business, and this motivated team is breaking records nearly every month in both production and sales. 

Everest, a manufacturer of ice and water vending equipment, has been headquartered in Apopka since April 2020 and has experienced astronomical growth since then, increasing its workforce by 345% and expanding its facilities by 300%.

“When we first came to Apopka, we had fewer than a dozen employees, and now we’re a multi-award winning company recognized for our innovation and growth” Ben Gaskill, co-owner and director of sales and marketing, said. “We’re still gaining momentum and we’re looking forward to hiring even more employees in the Central Florida area to help the continued success of our company.” 

Mayor Nelson, born and raised in Apopka, was elected in 2018. One of his primary focus points while in office is “attracting local, higher paying jobs” – aligning with Everest’s goals to attract and retain talented local employees. 

Along with hiring local talent, Everest prides itself on being “Made in the USA,” sourcing all the components not made by the company directly from American-owned companies. Everest also often looks to partner with local companies for certain projects or parts to help reduce and mitigate the supply chain challenges following the pandemic.

Production and assembly technicians were able to speak with the mayor about the step-by-step process of building an Everest machine. The mayor got a close-up view of the advanced 3D-printing facilities and the proprietary patented technology the company says will disrupt the industry and improve ice selling for both business owners and consumers alike.

It’s not just the industry that the company has aimed to improve, however – it’s the community as well. A shared value among the Everest team is helping others – so much so, that it became one of the top five company core values, called the “Five Peaks of Everest.” 

Last year, Everest also implemented the Everest Cares initiative, a branch of the company dedicated to giving back to the local community. Since the initiative’s inception, the company has assembled and donated food baskets to a local elementary school and has also donated thousands of dollars to the UCP of Central Florida – an education, therapy, and support program for children with disabilities. The team continues to pursue and plan additional opportunities to volunteer and provide for the community. 

“Because of our astronomical growth, we have already started preparing plans for future facilities to accommodate and add to our team,” Gilbert Ramirez Jr., marketing manager at Everest, said. “The potential in Apopka is really exciting. We’re looking forward to working with the mayor on building a strong partnership beneficial to everyone in the community.” 

Mayor Nelson and Everest share an important goal: to improve and enhance Apopka for everyone who lives, works, and travels there. The mayor has long emphasized the positive impacts manufacturing has on the city and expressed during his visit that he is looking forward to Everest’s continued growth and success.

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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