October 19, 2023

Latest C-Store Trends: The Future of Vending

According to Starting Your Business, Ice vending is the fastest-growing division of the $4 billion retail ice industry. Mostly due to its effortless convenience. After all, convenience is a key factor for 87% of millennial shoppers and 92% of Gen Z

C-stores are adapting to meet the future demands of these two crucial consumer groups, vending is part of that evolution. Whether you’re a store owner or an ice vending machine owner, here’s why vending is the future for convenience stores. 

Healthy Food Preferences On The Go

Over time, it is clear that convenience stores are transitioning from a tiny pit stop with cigarettes, lottery tickets and beer, into a larger store with organic produce, artisan cheeses and kombucha for health-conscious consumers on the go. C stores began to cater to the millennial and gen z generations that prioritize healthier options and handcrafted coffee, which caused these stores to have a new look. Customers can get their fresh healthy food and beverages quickly, without settling for unhealthy fast food to save time. 

Embracing Contactless Checkout

After COVID-19, it’s no secret that Millennials and Gen Z prefer faster and more convenient contactless payment options. Which is already seen on vending machine today.

Based on this report, 51% of Gen Z say that digital wallets could easily replace physical wallets, and 67% of Millennials have already adopted digital wallets. Interestingly, over half of global Millennials are likely to avoid shopping at stores that don’t offer contactless payments. As a result, you will increase your revenue and remain competitive.

Maximizing Location-Based Opportunities

C stores are strategically placed in locations that are near foot traffic. This includes beaches, rivers and other travel destinations to target travelers.

Most of the time, travelers stop by C-Stores to shop for travel essentials. As a result, they may buy a bag of ice for their cooler and premium wines. Investing in vending machines and strategically placing them in front of c stores can attract potential new customers who are looking for quick purchases and result in a very high return on your investment.

As customers and businesses move toward cashless payments and self-checkouts, vending machines can increase customer satisfaction with quick, 24/7 accessbility and convenient shopping. 

Vending machines are changing how convenience stores operate. They offer enhanced convenience and cater to health-conscious preferences. Contactless checkout and location-based opportunities help reach new customers. By utilizing vending machines, C-stores can increase profits.

At Everest Ice and Water Systems, our highly advanced and revolutionary ice and water vending machines allow you to stay ahead of future C-store trends with ease. Moreover, we support our customers by sharing new and innovative ideas to increase their successful ice vending empires. We share content through our blogs, social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, and directly on our website.

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