August 10, 2023

How Do I Get Ready for My Everest Equipment Specialist Appointment?

Congratulations, you’ve made your first appointment with one of Everest’s friendly equipment specialists! You’re officially on your way to starting your new ice vending business

However, as that appointment date on the calendar gets closer, it’s normal to feel a little bit of anxiety creep in. What do you need to know before your appointment? How do you prepare? What kind of questions should you be asking? While there’s not a single one-size-fits-all approach for every scenario, here are some pointers to help you get started on the best foot possible. 

Research your Everest ice and water vending machine location now

No matter whether you are an established vending professional or are just getting started, one of the most important ways you can prepare for your equipment specialist appointment is to devote some time to researching potential locations for your new Everest machine. 

Not sure where to begin? A great way to kick off your search is to look for high-traffic areas where people who need ice already are. Some examples of locations that have performed well for Everest owners in the past include marinas, fishing supply stores, convenience stores, apartment/condo complexes, and even beach or lakefront retail locations. Of course, these are just a few ideas, and if you’ve got something else in mind, feel free to discuss it with your equipment specialist at your appointment, who can use their experience and knowledge to help you make an informed decision. 

Make contact with potential ice vending location owners

Alrighty have a few locations in mind? The next step is to do a little legwork. Unless you own your own property, you’ll need to reach out to businesses and property owners about the possibility of using their space for your new ice vending machine. Let them know that you are working on starting your own ice vending business, and are interested in partnering with them for your new venture. Explain all the benefits of adding an ice vending machine to their property (increased traffic, money from you for rent, etc.) and let them know what you would need from them (space, access to utilities, etc.) You can learn more about talking to location owners here.   

If you run into issues talking to business owners, don’t worry! Let your equipment specialist know at your appointment, and they can connect you with resources that will help you not only approach potential location owners, but also craft mutually beneficial leasing agreements once you’re ready for everything to be finalized.

Take stock of your finances

Equipment specialists work with ice vending owners from all kinds of different financial backgrounds. Some machine owners prefer to pay in cash, while others explore financing options, from either our partner LEAF (who offers 100% financing), or through their own financial institution. Though your equipment specialists won’t be going through your bank statements at your appointment, it is good to know what kind of budget you have on hand to start your business so that we can recommend the appropriate next steps following your call. 

Starting a new ice vending business is exciting, and our friendly equipment specialists are happy to help you begin your journey to truly passive income. Feeling a little underprepared still? Don’t worry! Check out our YouTube channel, read through some of our blog posts, and check out some customer testimonials to learn more. We are committed to helping your business succeed so you can start making money on day one. 

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