February 23, 2021
Everest in the News

The Ins And Outs Of Ice Vending

Thaw Out Frozen Profits With Ice Vending Sales

For customers, drive-up ice vending is popular due to its convenience. According to Ben Gaskill, director of sales with Everest Ice and Water Systems, the profit center attracts all types of customers, and everyone who uses the ice vending center will drive up to the machine in vehicles. These are vehicles that potentially may need washing.

But, this relationship can work in reverse as well. Carwashes typically have a built-in customer base, and these dedicated customers can help the ice vending profit center get off to a fast start. Gaskill explains, “As time goes on and news of the new machine spreads, it will pull ice customers to the carwash owner’s property that will patronize the wash. It’s really a great relationship and a natural fit.”

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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