August 29, 2023

Cashless Payment Solution | Nayax

Nayax is a global tech company that sells integrated POS devices, cashless payment solutions, a management suite, and consumer loyalty programs. Since their founding in 2005, their mission is to improve their customers’ revenue and operational efficiency. The company’s card readers have a multilingual interface, voice interaction, a color touchscreen, and convenient payment that improves your customers’ experience.

Benefits of Nayax Card Readers

Some of the awesome benefits of Nayax include a notable increase in revenue by boosting your number of satisfied customers. By digitizing your consumers’ payments, you can give them the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. With Nayax’s loyalty and engagement rewards, you can expand your customer base, retain current customers, enhance their shopping experience, and boost your profits.

Additional Products

Nayax offers the Nova Market, a self-checkout solution with a built-in scanner and printer alongside their card readers. It is suitable for various products and it has a multiple languages interface to allow an increase of consumers that speak a variety of languages. When you need to add new products or edit your current products, you can manage your inventory with their mobile app. 

Mobile Management

With Nayax’s desktop and mobile management systems, you can stay on top of your business anytime and anywhere. You can manage inventory, employees, sales, and customers. And all your data is easily accessible on one holistic management platform.

Hardware and Compatibility

Nayax builds their card readers with high quality hardware that guarantees low repair costs. The installation is super easy and allows you to plug and play. In fact, you can add a Nayax card reader to all the known machine protocols such as MDB DEX, VCCS, CCI, and Pulse. Further, our proprietary Marshal protocol to connect easily to a PC based machine. By choosing the correct set you will be able to connect your machine to the cashless payment device and start accepting cashless transactions. Nayax’s card readers can be used with laundry machines, kiddie rides, and ice vending machines from Everest Ice and Water.

Support and Resources

Online courses are offered at Nayax University, which is free for all Nayax customers. Additionally, the courses provide additional resources so you can learn how to get the most out of Nayax’s solutions. Additional support includes contact to the Nayax global support team via email, phone, or the chat box on their website. 
This is just a summary of all the amazing features of Nayax. To learn more about their products, visit their website and speak with their support team.

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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