November 28, 2023

Everest Brings Thanksgiving Joy to Griffin Elementary Students and Families 

In a heartfelt demonstration of community support, Everest Ice and Water Systems has recently extended its community support to Griffin Elementary in Polk County, FL, creating a Thanksgiving to remember for local students and families.

Griffin Elementary, a public school in Polk County, serves 350 students in a low-income neighborhood an hour from Everest Ice and Water Systems headquarters. 

Everest’s initiative went beyond its core business of providing cutting-edge ice and water vending machines for exceptional hydration solutions by distributing grocery store gift card donations to approximately 30 families in Griffin Elementary that could be used to purchase ingredients for a hearty Thanksgiving meal, ensuring that the community could partake in the joy this holiday season.

“It’s all about nourishing the spirit of togetherness and fostering a sense of belonging.”, said Gilbert Ramirez Jr., Marketing Manager at Everest. 

The company demonstrated a commitment to the community’s well-being, acknowledging the importance of standing together, especially during holidays that emphasize gratitude and togetherness. 

“The initiative at Griffin Elementary School is a testament to the positive impact that businesses can have on local communities. By extending a helping hand, we hope to inspire others to follow suit and make a difference in their neighborhoods.”

At Everest Ice and Water Systems, we are thrilled about how we can help others and are committed to expanding our efforts towards the community. 

Everest Ice and Water vending machine
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