Lyndon has owned an Everest machine for over a year. 

He has operated a portable storage business in Ohio for many years. He was looking into Ice Vending as a way to generate additional income that would not affect his existing business. 

We spoke to him to ask him a few question about his experience.

The following is a transcript of that conversation.

Everest: What is the name of your business where your ice vending machine is located?

Lyndon: Lone star of Ohio 

Everest: Lyndon, what is your business history like? Is this your first business or have you been in business before? Before you looked into Ice Vending and came into contact with Everest, what were you doing before that?

Lyndon: Well, I have built portable storage buildings for a while, ever since 1989. And that’s my primary business. And ice and water vending is just something I’ve dreamed about over the years. 

Lone Star of Ohio portable building for an Everest Ice and Water Vending Machine

A portable building for an Everest Ice and Water Vending Machine with a closed door

Everest: You’ve been looking into this for years. What made you decide to purchase an Everest machine as opposed to others? 

Lyndon: One reason was you can run it on single phase electricity, where in a lot of places, depending on where you’re going to be placing this, you would not have access to three phase power. That was a huge fact factor for me. Second factor is the one moving part dispenser in the machine. Third factor, a small footprint, but big performance. Fourth factor, which really spoke loudly to me, was the price. And I just had a good feeling about, uh, the company Everest. From what I saw online the videos, I looked at, sometimes you can just get this comfortable feeling about something that seems right.

Everest: And then it’s interesting that you mentioned the one moving part, the rotating barrel, what interested you about that? Was it just that it was just easier to manage? Was there anything else that enticed you about that? 

Lyndon: Maintenance was a huge thing. I saw there were some of the other ice machines you have augers and parts that are gonna eventually give you problems. The rotating barrel, you will not have lodging and bridging of the ice as such. And, others didn’t have the capacity of vending water, So, the combination just made very good sense. 

Everest: Tell us your thoughts on the process with Everest from the initial phone call to operating the machine today. 

Lyndon: I would say that was good. Ben was very professional. You know, gave good information. I talked with Ben often enough that I got to know him, then I was handed off to someone else (Account Rep) after the purchase. I know that’s just part of company policy but overall, the contact was good. Um, have no complaints about that really. 

Everest: Now for just the aesthetics of the machine, cause we see that you have it like in its own portable building, but the actual look, the machine. What do you think of the overall look of it during the day time, night, anytime?

Lyndon: Oh well I’d say it’s good. I’d say it’s really good. Good. 

Everest: If you had to do it over again, would you choose Everest again? 

Lyndon: My hope is in the next five or 10 years, to have five or six Everest machines in the area. I have requests for these machines to put them in different areas in a 20 mile radius from here. One more thing I’d like to say about this area, I would dare say that 95% of the people in this area have never, ever seen a water and ice machine like this. And, uh, people have just over and over stated how grateful they are that I took the plunge and invested in, in doing this for the community here. 

No regrets, no regrets that I’ve done it. And, um, yeah, everybody that has come my way and asked questions about the machine, I have definitely advised them to go with Everest versus going with any other ice companies. 

Everest: Wow. That’s really good. Okay. And then if you were to, get those machines, those additional ice vending machines, you would feel comfortable doing it with Everest? 

Lyndon: Yes. Yes, most definitely. 

An Everest Ice and Water Vending Machine inside of a portable building