Commercial Ice Vending Machine for Hotels

Ice machines are an integral part of any hotel. However, standard models aren’t exactly well known for being clean or reliable. While getting rid of these undependable machines could be an option, many guests need ice for various reasons and have come to expect it. That’s why you need a better solution.

Lucky for you, we have just what you need with our commercial ice vending machines for hotels. These machines can provide both filtered ice and water to your guests. With our optional Ice Shield attachment, you can kill any viruses, bacteria, or mold that could potentially grow within the machine. Extra protection is always a wise idea when it comes to the health of your guests.

We also pride ourselves in engineering an ice and water machine that uses just one moving part compared to a standard hotel ice machine, which usually has multiple parts that are susceptible to jams and breakdowns. The usage of fewer parts means your employees won’t have to deal with broken mechanisms nearly as often. Plus, thanks to our Ice Shield, regular cleanings won’t be as crucial. Our ice and water machine will practically take care of itself, leaving your workers to focus on more pressing hotel matters.

With our Cold Fusion upgrade, you can also save on your electricity costs. Having multiple ice vending machines will use a lot of power. Our machines are built to conserve as much as possible, lowering the overall cost of your electric bill. Additionally, if you really want to make this machine look like it’s a part of your official hotel equipment, you can even choose to place your company’s branding on it.

Regardless of what you’d like from your commercial ice vending machine for hotels, ours can supply it with greater ease and less expense than the competition’s. If you have further questions about what these machines can provide, give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page. We’ll give you the information you need to know to get one of these ice and water machines in your hotel as soon as possible.