San Francisco Giants

When the three time World Series Champion San Francisco Giants needed clean ice for their batting cages, they called Everest!

The San Francisco Giants had a problem. Their standard ice scooping bin was allowing dust, dirt, and rodents to get into their ice! Their spring training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona needed clean ice for their batting cages to ice down their world class athletes, but the dust storms so common in Scottsdale made the ice from a regular ice scooping bin unusable. They researched their options and called Everest. We recommended our Vortex 500 self-sanitizing and locking ice dispensing system which eliminates any human (or animal!) contact with the ice and prevents any outside contamination. The Vortex 500 dispenses anywhere between 2-20 pounds in 6 seconds at the push of a button. Its industry first auto cleaning and self-sanitizing feature also allow their trainers to sanitize every surface that touches ice in minutes automatically, ensuring that every cube is virus, bacteria, mold and mildew free.

Safe. Clean. Sanitary ice.

With Everest’s patented VersaVend, one moving part dispensing system the Vortex 500 is virtually maintenance free. You may not be a world class athlete but keeping your ice clean, safe and sanitary is important to protect your customers, employees, and reputation.