How Much Do We Believe In The Superiority Of Our Ice Vending Machines?

We’ll Beat The Price Of Any Comparably Equipped NAMA Certified Machine You Find.

We know what’s out there. We know that sometimes you want to have the best machine, but price can be a factor. We just eliminated that worry. Now you can own the best machine on the market, and sleep well at night knowing you got the best price as well. We don’t offer to beat a competitor’s price to make a sale – we do it to ensure that you’ll start your business with the right ice vending machine. We want to get you started in a business that you can grow, and selecting the right machine is a very important part. .

If you find a machine that has equal or better capacity and production as one of our VX models, and is comparably equipped at a lower price, give us a call. We will beat that price for you. However aside from price, here are some benefits of owning a Everest Ice Vending machine that no other machine can offer:

Most standard features

Don’t believe us? Give us a call today and ask.


*Everest’s Price Match Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.




The Everest VX machines are the only machines in the industry to feature the VersaVend ice dispensing system. This allows owners and operators to enjoy jam-free operations and fast ice delivery to every customer, every time. Learn more about patented VersaVend system by clicking the button below.

Looking for a deal on your new Ice Vending Machine? Check out Everest Ice and Water System’s Limited Time Offer page. You never know what great deal you’ll find!