Everest is NAMA-Certifed

National Automatic Machine Association (NAMA) is the association representing the U.S. convenience services industry, providing advocacy, education and research for its members. Additionally, NAMA offers certification to vending machine manufacturers whose machines meet the public health requirements set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Not all Ice and Water vending machines are NAMA-certified; Everest’s machines are.

Why is it important that Everest Ice and Water vending machines are NAMA-certified? First, it means that our machines are built with your customers health and safety in mind. Secondly, NAMA certification is a demonstration of the manufacturer’s intent and capability to promote public health. Purchasing a NAMA-certified ice vending machine demonstrates that you as a vendor also value the health and safety of your customers.  

For a more detailed description of the process required to be NAMA-certified, click here.






The Everest VX machines are the only machines in the industry to feature the VersaVend ice dispensing system. This allows owners and operators to enjoy jam-free operations and fast ice delivery to every customer, every time. Learn more about patented VersaVend system by clicking the button below.

What sets Everest Ice and Water Vending machines so far a part from the rest? It’s simplicity. Our machines make profits simple, our service is simple to access with a 24/7 Support Line, and it all starts with a simple design. Learn more about the simplicity that makes this machine the best on the market.