The Everest VX Ice And Water Vending Machine Series

From the beginning, ALL Ice Vending Machine Manufacturers have all used the same basic design. This common design uses a square ice ‘hopper” with agitators used in the hope that they could keep the ice from freezing up in the corners and causing the ice jams these machines are infamous for. They use MULTIPLE, complicated moving parts to dispense the ice. This design has huge flaws and caused major operator headaches, large maintenance budgets, machine downtime and unhappy customers. The VX Series of Ice Machines have:


  • The least moving parts.
  • VersaVend Rotating Drum Technology 
  • Over 2 million vends without a jam and counting!
  • The largest capacity in their class
  • The largest ice production in their class
  • No Annual Maintenance or “Licensing” Fee
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • The most standard features in their class… period!


The goal of the engineering team at Everest Ice and Water Systems was to design a machine that eliminated the design flaws and issues common with all other machines on the market. We set out to design a machine that was both simple in its design and simple to operate. We wanted a machine that gives your customers what they want, a choice of either bagged ice or bulk ice dispensed directly into their cooler – and this choice comes standard, in each of our machines. We eliminated the multiple moving parts that are necessary in all other ice vending designs that cause these ice jams, machine downtime and operator headaches. The result was the Everest VX series. The VX models are the ONLY machines on the market today that use only ONE moving part to dispense ice to your customers, not 15 or 20

What Makes The Everest VX Machines Different?


VersaVend, our patented one moving part dispenser is engineered simplicity: Less is more. The difference between the Everest VX models and every other ice vending machine in the industry comes down to one thing: Less moving parts. The VX models use a revolutionary rotating barrel as part of our simple, patented ice dispensing system that we call VersaVend. The VersaVend system uses this one simple part to collect ice from the ice maker, agitate the ice so that it does not clump, and dispense the ice to your customers. This is ONE PART that does it all. ALL other machines require a complex system of mechanical blowers, agitators, chain drives, cogs and augers to accomplish what VersaVend does with ONE PART. Less parts means less things break down, which also means less things to replace, less machine downtime and less operator headaches. Just in case, we backup our VersaVend dispenser with a one year Warranty, the longest dispenser Warranty in the industry. In addition, this simplified design eliminates the common occurrence of ice jams. VersaVend has over 2 million vends without a single ice jam….and counting!

All other manufacturers charge extra to add the options that you will need for your Ice Vending Machine to be successful. Our Everest VX Series Machines come with these “options” as STANDARD FEATURES:

  • Vend up to 100 bags of ice daily
  • Quick and convenient, no attendant necessary
  • Water Vending 
  • Top of the line Scotsman Prodigy Ice Maker
  • Multiple Ice Makers to match your requirements – 640 to 1909 pounds per day
  • Highest Ice Production and Capacity in the smallest footprint 
  • 5-Stage Ultra water filtration by Everpure
  • Double locking points with no visible hinges 
  • Credit card reader 
  • MEI Bill Validator and Coin Mechanism  
  • Bulk Dispensing OR bagged Ice 
  • Ice Sheild Ozone Disinfection System
  • Backlit graphics panel 
  • Direct Connect Remote Machine Management

The Door. There are no external hinges, and a dual locking mechanism which means that it does not have an obvious security weak spot like other machines that use outdated lock entry systems that can be easily broken.  This makes the VX models the most secure ice and water vending machines on the planet.

The Shell. The Everest VX models are constructed with a high strength steel cage instead of lightweight aluminum for tamper resistance and durability. We then powder coat every surface for superior corrosion resistance. Not only does this material work well in an exterior environment, offering protection from the toughest weather conditions, but the added strength provided by the steel also adds additional protection from vandalism or theft.

Remote Monitoring. Through our remote management system, operators are able to know the exact sales numbers of their machines as well as the operational status of both the machine and the ice maker. Operators are able to remotely control the settings, dispense a free vend, view ice maker cycle, set vend pricing, see water filtration status at all times from anywhere.

The Everest VX Series feature simple utility hook ups and single phase electric. They are built to have low ongoing utility costs, and as a result require low maintenance. They do not require custom concrete pads, crane rental or a General Contractor on-site for installation as do most of our competition. Furthermore, they are stoutly built with top-shelf and industrial grade components, and the machine and components are NAMA, NSF, ETL and Energy Star listed. Since the Everest VX Models all have the smallest footprint of any machine in their class as well as simple install requirements, if you ever have want to move your machine, you can do so quickly and easily.

Quick Specs:Everest VX Series Ice and Water Vending Machines

Width: 45 in.

Depth: 55 in.

Height: 96.5 in.

Weight: 1895 lbs.

Electrical Requirements: 208-230 volt / 30 amp

Maximum 24 Hour Ice Yield – 1909 lbs. of ice a day

Water Volume Per Vend – 0.025 gal. – 5 gal.


Get The Production You Need

Everest VX Models have the largest capacity and the largest ice production in their class, providing superior, fresh, quality ice on demand. In fact,  Everest models can vend up to 100 bags of uniformly shaped ⅞ inch cubed ice daily. They also have the longest warranty, and the most standard features than any other ice vending machine in their class. We offer four different Everest models to fit the exact needs of your customers. Why buy a machine that does not fit the ice demand of your location?


Everest VX1 Model – Produces up to 640lbs of ice in a 24 hour span

Everest VX2 Model – Produces up to 1077lbs of ice in a 24 hour span

Everest VX3 Model – Produces up to 1553lbs of ice in a 24 hour span

Everest VX4 Model – Produces up to 1909lbs of ice in a 24 hour span

For more information about any of these models, please contact an Everest representative today!




The Everest VX machines are the only machines in the industry to feature the VersaVend ice dispensing system. This allows owners and operators to enjoy jam-free operations and fast ice delivery to every customer, every time. Learn more about patented VersaVend system by clicking the button below.


Everest is the only ice and water vending company that allows the business owner to completely customize the look and feel of the machine. Do you have an existing brand that you know would work perfectly in the ice space? No problem. Learn more about our custom branding options by clicking on the button below.