February 23, 2021
Everest in the News

Everest Ice And Water Systems Partners With SandenVendo America

SandenVendo America Adds Patented Ice Vending Machine To Their List Of Offerings

Everest Ice and Water Systems has partnered with Dallas-based vending machine manufacturer, SandenVendo America. SandenVendo America produces and distributes world-class convenience equipment to serve consumers-on-the-go. With this new partnership, SandenVendo America will now offer their customers a uniquely designed ice and water vending machine using Everest’s patented dispensing technology.

“We’ve been researching ice vending for a number of years, but we were never really impressed with the technology out there. However when we found Everest, we were blown away by the design,” said Mike Weisser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SandenVendo America.

“The issue with most ice vending machines is the maintenance. Ice jams are common to these machines. Everest however has designed a machine that eliminates that issue.”