February 23, 2021
Everest in the News

Everest Ice And Water Systems Partners With Mercury Corporation

Patented Ice Vending Machines Couples Superior Manufacturing

Everest Ice and Water Systems, a leading ice vending machine manufacturer, has partnered with New York-based Mercury Corporation, continuing Everest’s proud tradition of manufacturing their ice vending machines in the USA. Mercury has over 90 years of experience in manufacturing various types of technologies, including bank ATM’s, vending kiosks, military, aerospace and energy solutions, making them a perfect partner for Everest’s automated ice and water vending machines.

Everest is now the only ice vending manufacturer in the industry to build its machines in an ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing facility. Utilizing Total Quality Management (TQM) Standards as well as ISO 9001 Continuous Improvement protocols with the latest tools and technology, Mercury is able to support the high-end production and tight tolerances that Everest requires.