Everest Ice and Water Systems Partners with SandenVendo America

SandenVendo America adds patented ice vending machine to their list of offerings

Everest Ice and Water Systems has partnered with Dallas-based vending machine manufacturer, SandenVendo America. SandenVendo America produces and distributes world-class convenience equipment to serve consumers-on-the-go. With this new partnership, SandenVendo America will now offer their customers a uniquely designed ice and water vending machine using Everest’s patented dispensing technology.

“We’ve been researching ice vending for a number of years, but we were never really impressed with the technology out there. However when we found Everest, we were blown away by the design,” said Mike Weisser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SandenVendo America.

“The issue with most ice vending machines is the maintenance. Ice jams are common to these machines. Everest however has designed a machine that eliminates that issue.”

The Ins and Outs of Ice Vending

Thaw out frozen profits with ice vending sales

For customers, drive-up ice vending is popular due to its convenience. According to Ben Gaskill, director of sales with Everest Ice and Water Systems, the profit center attracts all types of customers, and everyone who uses the ice vending center will drive up to the machine in vehicles. These are vehicles that potentially may need washing.

But, this relationship can work in reverse as well. Carwashes typically have a built-in customer base, and these dedicated customers can help the ice vending profit center get off to a fast start. Gaskill explains, “As time goes on and news of the new machine spreads, it will pull ice customers to the carwash owner’s property that will patronize the wash. It’s really a great relationship and a natural fit.”

Everest Ice and Water Systems Partners with Mercury Corporation

Patented Ice Vending Machines Couples Superior Manufacturing

Everest Ice and Water Systems, a leading ice vending machine manufacturer, has partnered with New York-based Mercury Corporation, continuing Everest’s proud tradition of manufacturing their ice vending machines in the USA. Mercury has over 90 years of experience in manufacturing various types of technologies, including bank ATM’s, vending kiosks, military, aerospace and energy solutions, making them a perfect partner for Everest’s automated ice and water vending machines.

Everest is now the only ice vending manufacturer in the industry to build its machines in an ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing facility. Utilizing Total Quality Management (TQM) Standards as well as ISO 9001 Continuous Improvement protocols with the latest tools and technology, Mercury is able to support the high-end production and tight tolerances that Everest requires.

Everest Partners With Mercury Corp. On Ice Vending Machine

ORLANDO, FL — Everest Ice and Water Systems said it has partnered with Hammondsport, NY-based contract manufacturer Mercury Corp. to manufacture its ice and water vending machines.

Unique to Orlando, FL-based Everest is the patented Versa Vend rotating barrel that collects, agitates and dispenses ice in a single step, eliminating the need for conventional ice machine agitators and auger systems.

Mercury says it has more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing a range of equipment types, including bank ATMs, kiosks and military, aerospace and energy solutions. It has worked with such giants as Kodak and IBM.

The Everest VX Machines Are Changing the Ice Vending Industry

Through patented technology, the Everest VX machines far outperform their competitors. The small footprint, combined with a large production and capacity, puts the Everest VX machines at the top of their class. Learn more about what makes the Everest VX machines stand out by clicking the button below.

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Everest Ice and Water Vending Machines are designed to be the most simple to use, simple to operate ice vending machines possible. Our partner in manufacturing, Mercury Corporation, ensures that those designs are a reality in each and every machine we produce.